7 Benefits Of Bidets And Our Bidet Services

Beehive Plumbing’s bidet services are here for your bathroom, and this page will help you better know why bidets are great plumbing fixtures!

Beehive Plumbing's bidet services help countless homeowners with hygiene and many other benefits

Bidets ended up growing in popularity throughout 2020, particularly when homeowners starting worrying about toilet paper shortages back in March and April! More and more Utah homeowners are considering bidets as an alternative within their bathrooms, and the Beehive Plumbing specialists offer comprehensive bidet services.

The truth is that a lot of people in Utah don’t really understand how they’d benefit from a bidet, so on this page we’re going to clear up some of these uncertainties by going over 7 benefits associated with bidets. Bidets are actually very popular all throughout Europe, South America and parts of Asia, and they’re just starting to gain popularity throughout the United States.

So here are 7 important benefits to keep in mind when it comes to bidets!

Increased Cleanliness

Bidets are incredible plumbing fixtures when it comes to increasing people’s overall hygiene routines. It’s important to understand that toilet paper will always leave behind small particles and bits of residue on your skin, and that toilet paper doesn’t actually clean everything up properly!

Bidets are useful tools when it comes to thoroughly cleaning our private areas after using the toilet, and many people with sensitive skin prefer bidets as compared to toilet paper. These days bidets do so much more than just cleaning, and many will also have drying features!

More Eco-Conscious

Bidets are a great plumbing feature for any homeowner that wants to decrease their overall environmental impact, and this is mainly because you won’t necessarily need to use as much toilet paper when you have a bidet.

Some people may think that bidets will end up using more water, but the truth is that just one roll of toilet paper will necessitate 37 gallons of water! So bidets are always an eco-friendly plumbing installation for all homeowners!

Relief For Many Conditions

There are many different common conditions like Crohn’s disease, hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome and many others that a bidet can support. Water that comes from a bidet will never be as irritating as dry toilet paper!

Bidets also help people who experience frequent constipation or diarrhea, because there’s a more refreshing feeling with water as compared to scratchy toilet paper. And it’s true that people who aren’t experiencing any of these conditions will also enjoy the change.

Bidets Are Great For The Disabled/Injured and Elderly People

It’s important to note that bidets aren’t just trendy plumbing fixtures for eco-conscious young people, and that they’re actually extremely useful for all elderly people as well. There are many elderly people who require assistance when it comes to using the bathroom, and bidets can make things easier for them. This in a way brings their independence back, at least when it comes to using the restroom.

A bidet will always go a long way when it comes to making cleaning a lot easier for elderly people, so they’ll be much less likely to need assistance. It’s also important to note that modern bidets are very easy to use and will only require the simply press of a button. So older/disabled people no longer need to worry about reaching around themselves when it comes to turning a bidet on!

Helps You Save Money

Bidets are also being proven to help homeowners save on their monthly utility bills, and of course you’ll always save because you’ll be using much less toilet paper. Bidets are also becoming very affordable, so for the most part homeowners should never be too alarmed about the costs of these types of plumbing installations.

And when it comes down to it, your bidet will pay for itself in the long run as you continually save on utility bills and toilet paper expenses!

Bidets Are Durable And Require Little Maintenance

The Beehive Plumbing team helps homeowners with all types of plumbing repairs, but we’ve realized over the years how many of our bidet installations require little to no maintenance.

Toilet repairs and clogs also just so happen to be one of the more important issues that we face on a daily basis, and these clogs are many times linked to excessive toilet paper usage and other organic material buildup.

You’ll rarely have to worry about toilet clogs when you have a bidet, because less toilet paper means less chances of serious clogs. Bidet installations are also usually very easy, and many times bidet attachments can simply be connected to a bathroom’s water supply and be ready to go!

Public Health Benefits

It’s also important to note that bidets are a great way to perform your own civic duty, because using a bidet will ultimately improve your entire cleanliness and decrease your chances of spreading germs. A lot of Americans don’t like to think about this notion, but toilet paper can only do so much from a cleaning standpoint!

A little splash of water from a bidet will always go a long way at eliminating any excess residue and creating cleaner hineys!

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