7 Common Shower Repairs That Homeowners Should Know About!

Understanding the different types of potential shower repairs that are possible always goes a long way for Utah homeowners to recognize warning signs!

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All of us tend to spend much more time in the shower than we probably would assume, which is why it’s so important for homeowners throughout Northern Utah to always be making sure that everything is functioning properly within their showers.

Shower repairs are actually much more common than most people would think, and what we’ve done on this page is provide you with a list of 7 common shower repairs that you should be on the lookout for when it comes to recognizing growing problems.

So here’s our guide to understanding some of the most common shower issues that occur, and how the plumbing expertise from our Master Plumbers can help fix these residential plumbing problems!

1. Clogs Within Your Shower

Clogs within your shower drain are actually much more common than most people would assume, and these clogs tend to be caused by things like soap, dirt, hair and other items that may accidentally go down your drain.

Less serious clogs can sometimes be resolved via baking soda and vinegar, but more serious shower drain clogs are going to require professional attention and equipment.

It’s also important for homeowners to understand that these types of clogs typically shouldn’t be considered a DIY repair project, and this is mainly because it’s rather easy to do more harm than good when it comes to potential drain damage.

Our specialized expertise and tools will always be what’s necessary when it comes to resolving clogs that are really deep within your plumbing system, and we also recommend that you get a drain cover if applicable to prevent things like hair getting into the foundations of your pipes!

2. Water Pressure Issues

One of the most annoying things that can happen with your shower is having water pressure issues, and when you’re experiencing low water pressure it typically signifies a shower faucet issue. This type of problem will typically require a professional installation of a new high-pressure shower faucet.

But of course water pressure issues can also indicate many other types of plumbing problems, and one common possibility is that dirt and silt has entered through your water pipes via a plumbing line break. This will require an extensive plumbing repair and thorough pipe cleaning in order to fix the break in the line and restore your home’s water pressure back to normal.

There are also many instances in which a faulty showerhead is the culprit of water pressure issues, and when you need a showerhead replacement our specialists will also be sure to properly clean out the threads of your shower’s pipes. There are sometimes instances in which dirt can build up within your shower threads, which causes drops in water pressure.

3. Leaking Shower Faucets

When you’re experiencing a leaky shower faucet, it could be an indication that your shower requires new rings, gaskets or seals.

This is a shower repair that you should always leave up to experienced plumbing experts to make sure that everything is properly repaired and re-installed. One difficult aspect of this type of repair is understanding which gaskets and seals are actually the right match for your shower, but our experts will be able to recognize what will work best and stop the leaking for good!

4. Your  Shower Is Making Loud/Strange Noises

You really shouldn’t be hearing any other noises coming from your shower except the sounds of water streaming out of the showerhead, so if you are hearing loud/strange noises coming from your shower then it’s a sign that you have a problem that requires professional attention.

This is typically a sign that something along your wall isn’t properly secured, or that your pipes need to be re-secured through utilizing brackets.

5. Rattling Pipe Sounds

When you’re experiencing rattling pipe sounds within your shower fixture, it’s a sign that there’s hot and cold water fighting for space within your piping system. That’s why the best plumbing repair in this of situation is to adjust your mixing valve.

Adjusting a mixing valve will always necessitate a lot of care and expertise, and this is because you can run the risks of scalding and other issues when you over-correct a mixing valve.

That’s why you should always leave this type of plumbing repair up to the licensed and experienced plumbing specialists at Beehive Plumbing, and we’ll always be sure to efficiently resolve your mixing valve issues and stop the rattling sounds coming from your pipes!

6. Sudden Bursts Of Extremely Hot Water

This type of plumbing problem can many times arise within a plumbing system when someone is taking a shower and another person flushes a toilet. It’s never a good sign when this type of situation suddenly rushes any cold water away and leaves the person in the shower with very hot, scalding water on them.

One of the best things that homeowners can do to avoid this type of situation is to make sure they’re installing high-efficiency toilets. This is because high-efficient toilets wont require very much cold water when it comes to conducting a proper flush, which means that the person in the shower won’t have to worry about their comfortable warm water suddenly becoming way too hot!

7. Foul Smells Emanating From Your Shower

There are a number of plumbing issues that may be causing foul smells to emanate from your shower, and these scenarios typically indicate a mold problem or a serious clog.

The best thing you can always do when you’re in this type of situation is to eradicate the source of the smell and then thoroughly ventilate the area. There are also possibilities that there’s sewer gas emanating from your drains, which is always a really serious plumbing problem that will require the assistance of experienced specialists.

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