9 Things To Remember About Improper Garbage Disposal Usage!

Countless sink plumbing repairs are connected to improper garbage disposal usage, so here are some tips to remember!


We all know about the inherent dangers associated with the sharp blades of our garbage disposals, but a lot of us also wrongly think that our garbage disposals are all but indestructible.

The truth is that a lot of common food items can create significant clogs, and even serious plumbing system damages, when put down a garbage disposal. The average cost of a garbage disposal replacement is around $300, so improper garbage disposal usage can be a rather costly mistake.

It’s crucial for your entire household to understand what should and shouldn’t go down your kitchen’s garbage disposal. Below we’re detailing a list of common food products that you should avoid putting down your garbage disposal to save you from an unnecessary drain cleaning appointment!

Common Food Products That Can’t Go Down Your Garbage Disposal!

A lot of our sink plumbing repair appointments are originally caused by garbage disposal mistakes, so here’s a list of things that simply can’t go down this all-important home appliance:

Fats & Greases

Although greases may look like liquid right after you’re done cooking, they’re going to revert back to a solid state rather quickly. When hardened grease gets stuck within your home’s pipes, it’s inevitably going to create a clog.

Your best option is always going to be to pour grease into empty food containers, including cans or bags, and then toss it in your trash bin.

Egg Shells

Some people think that egg shells are actually beneficial for garbage disposals because they can help sharpen your unit’s blades, but the other side of this coin is that they can create all sorts of other issues as well. Egg shells always have a gunky lining within them, and when this lining wraps around your garbage disposal blades, it can damage the disposal.

Egg shells are perfect compost, so you’ll be better off tossing them with the rest of your compost bin—or placing them in your trash bin.

Coffee Grounds

Dumping coffee grounds down your drains just might be one of the worst things you can do for your plumbing system, and it’s equally as bad when coffee grounds go down your garbage disposal.

A garbage disposal simply can’t break down coffee grounds because they’re already so small, so they usually end up settling somewhere deep within your pipes!

Oatmeal, Bread, Rice & Pasta

There are plenty of food items that expand when they’re soaked in water, and this includes the above list of common household foods. If you put these foods down your garbage disposal and then run water, it’s possible that they’ll expand within your pipes and potentially contribute to a significant clog.

Oatmeal is probably the worst of this group, because it’ so small and can easily pass through your disposal’s blades.

Seafood Shells & Meat Bones

Hard food products like seafood shells and meat bones are also incredibly detrimental to garbage disposals. This is primarily because it’ll put a huge strain on your unit, and potentially cause it to malfunction or even die.

And what’s worse is that shells and bones will likely become lodged within your pipes and be incredibly difficult to remove!

Nuts, Seeds & Fruit Pits

Just like shells and bones, nuts, seeds and fruit pits are extremely detrimental to garbage disposals and can potentially shorten the unit’s lifetime.

These products are extremely difficult to grind, and can get stuck within your drain.

Fibrous, Stringy Veggies & Fruits

Although there are plenty of soft veggies and fruits that can safely go down your garbage disposal, there are others that could cause issues. This includes foods like corn husks, celery, asparagus, and other fibrous products.

Potato peels are a common example of a stringy veggie that could be dangerous for your garbage disposal. This is because the peels can sometimes be thin enough to pass by the disposal’s blades, and inadvertently clog your pipes!

Bulk Foods & Large Items

One of the most common issues that garbage disposals experience is overloading, and this can really quickly cause the unit’s motor to wear out. It’s crucial to break up bigger pieces of food into smaller chunks prior to putting them down your disposal, because this allows less work for your unit.

And if you really do need to put a large amount of food down your disposal, you’re going to have to do so in small increments. When people put large amounts of food down a disposal all at once, it often strains motors and causes damages.

Non-Food Products

It’s also important to remember that garbage disposals are only designed to grind up your kitchen’s food items. You simply can never put non-food products down your garbage disposal, and this includes common kitchen products like paper napkins or other similar types of trash.

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