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A Few Common Tub & Shower Repair Causes of Persistently Cold Water!

Tub & shower repairs are always really complicated, so it’s important to understand what causes these types of plumbing repairs!

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The winter temperatures in Northern Utah just so happen to be some of the coldest in the American West, which is why you’re never going to want to have to deal with cold showers this time of year!

Beehive Plumbing supports countless homes and residential properties each winter when it comes to tub and shower repairs, so we know all too well how persistently cold water can wreck havoc within a home’s plumbing system and a household’s overall comfort.

Because water heaters and showers tend to require extensive repairs, it’s important to understand the underlying causes for why your shower isn’t properly heating up!

Checking Out Your Water Heater

It’s possible that your chilly showers are more of a wake-up call for much bigger plumbing issues within your household’s system, and that’s why it’s important to distinguish whether or not your shower is the only plumbing fixture experiencing hot water problems throughout your home. Because when your entire home is experience hot water malfunctioning, it’s a clear sign that you’re in need of a water heater repair.

Your particular water temperature issue could be simply caused by a blown fuse or temperature gauge issue, but it’s also possible that more serious underlying causes like sediment buildup, defective parts and breakdowns are the root of your issue as well. This is why it’s incredibly important to ensure that your home’s water heater is undergoing regular maintenance checkups at least every year to ensure its overall efficiency before lingering issues get worse.

Sometimes electric water heaters experience issues like a tripped circuit or failed heating element that causes persistently cold water throughout a home. If you just so happen to be experiencing issues with your electric water heater, then it’s important to know that you should leave this type of repair work to our Master Plumbers who can properly diagnose and resolve these complex issues.

Thoroughly Evaluate Your Shower’s Valve

Another cause for persistently cold showers could reside within your shower’s valve. Your shower valve is the part of our shower that helps you create a good blend between hot and cold water, so if it’s broken or worn down it can disrupt the type of shower water we’re all typically accustomed to.

It’s also possible for tiny pieces of your shower’s valve to become dislodged, which then often leads to a blockage. Although it’s technically possible to do a DIY repair and remove your shower’s valve and replace its broken components, it’s typically best to leave this type of repair work to experienced specialists like our Master Plumbers who can thoroughly evaluate and assess what exactly has happened to your valve so that you don’t experience future problems.

Issues With Your Shower’s Anti-Scald Device

If you’re experiencing a scenario in which hot water is easily flowing through your sinks but not your shower, then it’s possible that a safety feature within your shower’s plumbing system could be overworking itself to ensure that you’re not being scalded by water that’s much too hot.

This safety feature is referred to as an anti-scald device, and it’s possible that the limit on this device has somehow been altered without you knowing it. The purpose of this device is to limit just how far an individual can rotate a shower handle in regards to hot water supply, and the way to resolve this problem is to effectively remove the shower handle and locate the anti-scald device that typically is just underneath the faucet head. You’ll then adjust the anti-scald device and test it prior to reassembling.

Hot Water/Shower Capacity

If your home does have hot water but it goes cold too quickly while you’re showering, then it’s possible that your water heater simply isn’t keeping up with your unique demand.

In this type of scenario, it’ll be important for you and your entire household to properly time out your overall usage of hot water so that your water heater can catch up. Another option would be to get a water heater replacement and install a much larger tank, or switch your hot water supply to a tankless water heater that provides hot water with a seemingly limitless supply!

The Beehive Plumbing Team Is Here To Help With All Your Water Heater Issues, As Well As Tub And Shower Repairs!

It’s natural to want reliable hot showers throughout your home each and every day, especially during the winters here in Northern Utah. Beehive Plumbing has supported countless homes and commercial properties when it comes to tub and shower repairs, and our specialists will always conduct thorough reviews of your plumbing system to ensure that no other lingering issues are affecting your hot water functionality.

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