Are Flushable Wipes Actually Safe To Flush?

Flushable wipes just may be the biggest plumbing myth today that a lot of people are uncertain about, so here’s the truth that you need to know!

toilet repairs due to flushable wipes

Wet wipes are the type of toilet product that gets people hooked once they recognize how much more effective it can be as compared to conventional toilet paper, and many people love how flushable wipes do a more thorough cleanup job after they’re finished doing their business.

The tough news is that flushable wipes are great for cleanup, but they aren’t exactly the hero plumbing products that they’re marketed as. Although they’re said to be “flushable”, you may be wondering if they truly are safe to flush for a good reason!

The Truth You Should Know About Flushable Wipes!

Flushable wipes are of course marketed to be safe for your home’s plumbing system, so that means that you shouldn’t be worried about what could happen when you flush them down your toilet all the time, correct? This is actually wrong!

Although flushable wipes technically break down within your pipes, it takes a considerably longer time for this to occur as compared to conventional toilet paper. Because flushable wipes don’t break down as quickly, they make plumbing systems much more susceptible to serious issues like blockages and clogs.

So there’s absolutely no denying that flushable wipes will put your entire plumbing system at risk, which can lead to pricey plumbing repairs if neglected for too long!

Which “Flushable Wipes” Create Blockages?

When flushable wipes are flushed on a frequent basis, they typically get entangled with other products deep within your home’s sewer line. Some of these products can include other, very thick types of toilet paper, sanitary pads, dental floss and other household products that are sometimes incorrectly flushed.

When any and all flushable wipes combine with one another or other household products within your sewer line, it develops a plumbing blockage known as ragging. Ragging can wreck havoc on not just your plumbing lines, but also within your home if you’re not too careful!

What Products Can Be Safely Flushed?

What’s strange about flushable wipes is that their manufacturers say they’ve run thorough tests to validate their plumbing safety, but the real world evidence all throughout Northern Utah and beyond indicates that these products dramatically increase the likelihood of sewer line clogs and septic tank pumping.

Although these products are wonderful and seem like an incredible invention, you shouldn’t use them if you’re not comfortable placing them in a waste bin next to your toilet. The only thing that should ever be flushed down your toilets is toilet paper, and your obvious stuff.

What Do You Do When Flushable Wipes Cause A Toilet Clog?

If your toilets are experiencing frequent clogs and you also frequently use flushable wipes, then it’s likely that you’re going to need a professional toilet repair to diagnosis and effectively fix the clogging for good.

We come across many clients that have been confused by the deceptive packaging on flushable wipes, and our plumbing experts will be there for you when your bathroom needs us.

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