8 Items Homeowners Should Have Within Their Emergency Plumbing Kit

Homeowners can never know when an emergency plumbing situation will occur, but if you have these products you’ll be more prepared when disaster strikes! Emergency plumbing situations can come at any time and in any given size, but the one thing that’s consistent with all plumbing emergencies is that they’re not fun! Although it’s almost […]

4 Reasons Why Over-The-Counter Liquid Drain Cleaning Is Detrimental To Your Residential Plumbing!

A lot of homeowners utilize hazardous liquid drain cleaning products on a regular basis without fully understanding how bad it is for their residential plumbing system! It’s likely that you’ve considered liquid drain cleaners when experiencing a slow drain or any type of recurring clog, and the Beehive Plumbing team is here to tell you […]

7 Adverse Effects That Hard Water Can Pose, And How A Water Softener Installation Can Resolve These Issues!

Hard water can do a lot of damage to your residential plumbing system, and many times a water softener installation can be the perfect fix! Utah is known for so many different things, but one thing Utah is known for is hard water. A lot of homeowners don’t necessarily realize that they’re experiencing hard water, […]

Tips On Recognizing Normal And Abnormal Water Pressure Within Your Residential Plumbing

It’s sometimes easier said than done to realize if your residential plumbing system is experiencing issues, like knowing whether or not you have “normal” water pressure. Most homeowners don’t put too much thought into their water pressure until they recognize an issue in signs like trickling water out of faucets and shower issues. It’s always […]

Common Benefits Of Hydro Jetting And Signs You May Need This Type of Drain Cleaning

Hydro jetting is an increasingly popular form of drain cleaning, so here are the common benefits and signs that you may need this! Hydro jetting, also referred to as hydro jet drain cleaning, is an increasingly popular form of drain cleaning that does an incredible job at eliminating really tough obstructions and clogs that pose […]

Don’t Ignore These Plumbing Factors While Home Shopping!

Home shopping is always exciting, but it requires very close attention to the plumbing conditions of residential listings via professional inspections! Home inspections will always be an integral part of purchasing a new home, and this is because professional inspections help buyers know just how safe and generally efficient a home truly is. Professional plumbing […]

Garbage Disposal Tips To Assist Homeowners With Drain Cleaning Prevention

Knowing how to take care of your garbage disposal can help save you a ton of drain cleaning hassles! Every homeowner understands just how useful their garbage disposal can be when it comes to eliminating unwanted food debris and small scraps, but all of us at Beehive Plumbing know too well how countless homeowners simply […]

The Health Effects Of Hidden Gas Leaks Within Your Residential Plumbing System

Gas leaks are not only detrimental to your residential plumbing, but also you and your family’s health! Every homeowner must remain vigilant when they have gas-powered heating systems or appliances, and this is because the dangers associated hidden gas leaks truly are troublesome. Most residential plumbing code requirements will necessitate that carbon monoxide detectors are […]

How To Know When A Tree Is Jeopardizing Your Sewer Line And Plumbing System

It’s sometimes difficult for homeowners to know when to remove a tree that’s obstructing their plumbing system or foundation! Residential landscape designs often feature planted trees that are showcased throughout a property, and many times trees help homes with things like curb appeal and creating certain themes that help increase property value. But one of […]

3 Red Flags To Keep In Mind When Hiring Professional Plumbing Teams in Northern Utah

Although there are plenty of great plumbing companies throughout Utah, it’s still an unfortunate part of the industry that some companies will try to take advantage of their clients! Every homeowner experiencing a plumbing issue is going to want to work with a professional team that will undoubtedly get every aspect of the job done […]