Answering FAQs About Hydronic Radiant Floor Installations & Repairs!

Beehive Plumbing now offers hydronic radiant floor installations & repairs! A lot of northern Utah homeowners and contractors don’t know just yet, but we’re now offering hydronic radiant floor services throughout our region with the help of our HVAC experts. This is a cutting-edge strategy for sustainably heating up a property’s floors, which is a […]

When DIY Plumbing Is Appropriate & When It’s Time To Call Our Master Plumbers!

There are times when DIY plumbing makes sense and other times when you’ll absolutely need help from our Master Plumbers! It’s no secret that northern Utah homeowners tend to experience unique plumbing challenges compared to other regions throughout the United States. This has a lot to do with our hard water issues and the specific […]

Why Is My Tankless Water Heater Making Beeping Sounds?

Here are some reasons why your tankless water heater might be beeping! One of the most popular plumbing appliances in northern Utah is the tankless water heater, which is known for providing hot water on demand and helping properties drastically reduce their energy consumption. Tankless water heaters feature compact sizes and extended lifespans. They’re also […]

Tips For Finding Plumbing Fixtures To Match Your Northern Utah Home!

Shopping for plumbing fixtures goes so much further than décor aesthetics, so here are some factors that you should keep in mind! There’s no denying how basic and mundane the designs of most plumbing fixtures are, and this is often due to manufacturers prioritizing things like functionality, affordability, and widespread availability. Most standardized plumbing fixtures […]

What Northern Utah Homeowners Should Know About Water Heater Corrosion

Water heater corrosion is unfortunately a common issue here in northern Utah! There’s no denying just how nasty water heater corrosion can be for you and your home’s entire plumbing system. It’s normal to start considering a water heater replacement when you notice rust on your unit. The truth is that water heater corrosion can […]

Troubleshooting Tips For The Most Common Plumbing Emergencies!

Plumbing emergencies happen occasionally, which is why our troubleshooting tips come in handy when you need them most! Plumbing emergencies can ruin any day, and they frequently occur at inconvenient times for home and business owners in northern Utah. Although there’s absolutely no convenient time for things like a water heater failure or sewer line […]

How Dangerous Is Water Damage To My Northern Utah Home?

Many plumbing repairs result in water damage, which can wreak havoc on northern Utah properties! The phrase water damage might be one of the most fear-evoking things for homeowners to ever hear, and this is because everyone knows that repairing water damage is incredibly expensive. Here in northern Utah, there are countless plumbing repairs that […]

What’s a Sewer Line Belly & How Do You Fix It?

A sewer line belly can be a very dangerous issue, which is why this plumbing repair requires professional help! A sewer line belly, also known as bellying or sagging, is a plumbing term that refers to a dip or low point within an underground drainage or sewer pipe. This type of dip usually creates a […]

Sustainability Tips To Help You Save Water At Your Northern Utah Home!

Sustainability is a huge factor for every northern Utah home, so here are some ways that you can save water at your property! It’s no secret how northern Utah is in the midst of an existential water crisis, which is why water conservation has become such a hot topic throughout our region in recent years. […]

Why Are Gas Lines Considered To Be Part Of Your Plumbing System?

Gas lines are a crucial part of your property’s plumbing system that you should know about! When many people in northern Utah think of plumbers, they consider professionals who fix toilets, faucets, drains, sinks and water heaters. In essence, most people assume that plumbers only handle water-related fixtures and systems. And although plumbers do often […]