Why Is My Tankless Water Heater Making Beeping Sounds?

Here are some reasons why your tankless water heater might be beeping!

A tankless water heater installation can assist with boosting your home's value

One of the most popular plumbing appliances in northern Utah is the tankless water heater, which is known for providing hot water on demand and helping properties drastically reduce their energy consumption.

Tankless water heaters feature compact sizes and extended lifespans. They’re also known for requiring much less maintenance as compared to their traditional counterparts. But tankless water heaters aren’t invulnerable, and beeping sounds are often an indication that something isn’t quite right.

Below, we’ll discuss some of the possible causes associated with this alarming beeping and how understanding these underlying issues can help you efficiently rectify any necessary repairs!

Limescale Buildup

Although traditional water heaters are typically more prone to limescale buildup, it’s also possible for tankless water heaters to experience this issue—especially in susceptible regions like northern Utah.

Our local area’s municipal water contains high concentrations of magnesium, calcium, and other minerals, which is why hard water is such a prevalent issue here. Although tankless water heaters can help reduce the harmful impacts of hard water within your plumbing system, you’ll likely need a water softener to be fully in the clear.

When your water’s mineral concentration is high, you’ll eventually experience limescale buildup within your plumbing appliances and pipes. This type of accumulation will negatively impact a tankless water heater’s performance and might cause it to start beeping.

Water Leak Detection

Tankless water heaters often beep when the system detects a water leak, and there are other telltale signs that you should be on the lookout for in this situation. Water pooling on the floor near your tankless water heater is a major red flag, as well as any inefficiencies or situations in which your unit automatically puts itself into its shut-off mode.

Most tankless water heater leaks originate from the system’s pipework or heat exchanger, and these water heater repairs always require the assistance of an experienced specialist.

It’s also possible that your unit’s leak sensor has become defective, so sometimes you’ll only need to replace a defective sensor to stop the beeping sounds.

Gas Leak Detection

If your tankless water heater is powered by natural gas, it’s possible that an issue within your system’s gas line could create a leak. When your system’s beeping is accompanied by a rotten egg odor, it’s a serious warning sign indicating that you need to shut your gas supply off and reach out to us for an emergency plumbing appointment.

Gas leaks are associated with all sorts of health hazards, so they’re the type of repair job that needs to be figured out as quickly as possible!

Evaporator Coil Leak Detection

If you have an electric tankless water heater, your beeping sounds could be a sign of an evaporator coil leak. This type of leak typically leads to a loss of refrigerant and significant operational issues.

What’s even worse is that evaporator coil leaks can often lead to a compressor collapse. The good news is that our Master Plumbers can thoroughly diagnose and repair any evaporator coil issues that your unit is experiencing.

Excessive Pressure or Heat

Malfunctioning temperature sensors or heating elements can potentially cause your tankless water heater to overheat your property’s water supply. Many units will have a warning signal that beeps and shuts down the system when water temperatures get dangerously high.

This safety precaution is crucial for avoiding skin burns and other health risks, and the same warning applies to your unit’s pressure levels. When pressure near your unit’s inlets, lines, or valves gets too high, it could lead to a beeping alert sound.

Insufficient Water Flow Rate

Water flow rate refers to the amount of water that comes out of your tankless water heater based on a specified unit of time—usually gallons per minute (GPM). This is an important metric, mainly because your tankless water heater will provide you with hot water instantaneously as you need it.

Every tankless water heater has a designated minimum flow rate, which must be reached to open the system’s flow switch. So, when you experience flow rate issues, you’ll also simultaneously experience water temperature issues.

Excessive Flow Rate

Tankless water heaters also have maximum flow rate capacities, and exceeding these maximum flow rates often leads to system overload risks. This could subsequently lead to inefficiencies with your water heater meeting your property’s usage requirements.

When this situation occurs, the unit often makes beeping sounds and shuts itself down to prevent major damage or blowouts. Be sure to reach out to our water heater specialists right away when you suspect that your unit is experiencing an excessive flow rate!

Air Blockages

Your tankless water heater features air intake/output components that ensure the system’s effective functionality. These components are crucial for providing the system with the necessary oxygen for its combustion process.

Whenever your air intake fan, valve, or exhaust vents become defective, your unit can make beeping sounds. Our plumbers will thoroughly inspect your unit and diagnose what you’re experiencing to perform troubleshooting and other necessary repairs.

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