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Beehive Plumbing’s Smart Tech Guide To Help You Save On Your Monthly Bills

By going through these tips, your household can save a ton in terms of water usage!

plumbing service that can help you save on your monthly water bills!

Homeowners all throughout Utah are starting to see the ROI in utilizing smart technology throughout their property, and most smart tech helps people when it comes to reducing their overall utility usage. This of course is great in terms of reducing your household’s overall environmental impact, but it can also help when it comes to saving on your monthly bills!

Most homeowners are primarily concerned with how they can save on their monthly cooling and heating bills, so smart technology associated with water usage is somewhat overlooked. This is why our team of Master Plumbers has come together to develop this smart tech guide that will help you better understand which products can help you save on your water bills, and help you save the environment as well!

What Is Your Household’s Water Usage Currently Like?

The average daily water usage for an American household is a staggering 90 gallons each and every day, and most of this water goes through our toilets, laundry washers, dishwashers, showers and other fixtures that we use on a daily basis.

The following is a basic list that indicates how much water and associated costs go with our daily water habits:

  • Bath: 36 gallons per use/$0.14 cost per use
  • Shower (10 minutes with ordinary shower head): 50 gallons per use/$0.20 cost per use
  • Shower (10 minutes with an efficient shower head): 20 gallons per use/$0.08 cost per use
  • Dishwasher (not ENERGY STAR): 16 gallons per use/$0.06 cost per use
  • Dishwasher (ENERGY STAR): 6 gallons per use/$0.02 cost per use
  • Toilet Flush (regular): 3 gallons per use/$0.01 cost per use
  • Toilet Flush (low-flow): 1.6 gallons per use/less than a cent per use
  • Outdoor watering (30 minutes): 60 gallons per use/$0.24 cost per use

Making a cognizant effort to dramatically cut down on your household’s overall water consumption by taking shorter showers and decreasing your amount of laundry loads will always help out when it comes to lowering your water bills, but there are a few devices that can make a significant impact on the reduction of your home’s water consumption as well.


  • High-Efficiency Washers: Some people throughout the plumbing industry may not necessarily consider energy-efficient washers to be smart washers, but there’s no denying that these types of washers are very smart investments. We always recommend using washing machines with an ENERGY STAR rating because they help reduce your water usage by up to 50% and reduce your electricity usage by about 25%, and if you use cold water to wash your clothes then you’ll save even more on your monthly bills!

The average savings associated with high-efficiency washers are around $100-150 per year!

Faucets and Showers

  • Energy-Efficient Faucet Aerators: Highly efficient faucet aerators can actually help to cut your household’s water usage in half, and it will be necessary to have these aerators installed within your showers and faucets. Another great perk of these aerators is that they instill air into your water supply, so there’s no loss in water pressure!
  • Smart Home Water Meter: Although these devices won’t be able to directly help you save on your monthly water bills, it will still go a very long way in terms of simply monitoring how much water your house is using and where you’re using it the most. Simply being able to keep tabs on the overall allocation of your water usage will help when it comes to knowing how you can ultimately cut back on certain appliances and habits, which definitely can have a direct impact on your monthly bills!

The average savings associated with energy-efficient faucet aerators and smart home water meters are over $150 per year!


  • Smart toilets: There are two main reasons why investing in smart toilets is a good idea. The first reason is that it will help you save a ton of water over long periods of time, and the second reason is that they do a great job at helping you eliminate your waste associated with toilet paper. WaterSense toilets are helping Utah homeowners all over the state by reducing their overall water usage by about 60% and saving around 13,000 gallons each year!

The average savings associated with smart toilets are around $100 per year!

Reach Out To The Beehive Plumbing Experts For More Information About How Smart Tech Can Assist Your Household!

We understand how expensive utility bills can end up being for countless homeowners, which is why Utah homeowners are increasingly switching to smart tech plumbing options to help them save on their monthly bills and fulfill their civic duty towards the environment!

We’d love to help you and your household with these types of technological advancements, so feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 801-661-8155 today to get in touch with one of our experts who can help you better understand the ROI associated with smart plumbing technology!

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