Bidet Bull: 10 Common Misconceptions About Bidets

There’s a lot of nonsense spoken about bidets which is just simply not true. We take a look at 10 common misconceptions about beautiful bidets.

As you may know, there are a lot of misconceptions about bidets out there.

Some of that is due to the bidet’s relative obscurity in the United States. For some reason, they’ve never caught on around these parts. If you find yourself traveling to parts of Europe or Asia, you’ll see them in every public bathroom.

Well, we’re here to set the record straight: the bidet is an incredible hygiene tool. Anyone who’s ever used them will rave about the comfort they provide. Every time you’re walking away from a bidet, you’ll feel as clean as can be.

Need some more convincing? Here are the 10 most common bidet myths you shouldn’t believe.

1. Bidets Are Weird

Might as well start with the biggest offender, right?

If Hollywood comedies have “taught” us anything, it’s that a bidet is perfect for making fun of. It’s shaped like a sink, it resembles a spaceship, and nobody knows how it works. You could say that a bidet is the butt of every joke.

Sure, your first experience with a bidet may be a bit awkward. When you learn how to use a bidet, though, you won’t be able to go back to toilet paper. The convenience and flexibility are that important.

2. My Bathroom is Too Small

Many people consider a bidet to be a separate unit that takes up floor space. This doesn’t have to be the case.

For starters, you can transform your standard toilet seat into a bidet seat. Alternatively, you can install a bidet attachment under the toilet seat. Both of these options provide most of the benefits of a bidet at little extra cost.

Want to get even more value for money? Take a look at hand-held bidet sprayers. You can mount these to the wall or to either side of your toilet tank.

3. Bidets Are Messy

No, a bidet isn’t powered by jet engines. They aren’t designed to soak you as soon as you drop your guard.

In fact, a modern electronic bidet is a miniature technological marvel. Want to get the most comfortable experience possible? Adjust the pressure and position of the water stream exactly to your liking.

Of course, the same holds true for water temperature. Any high-end bidet will come with a remote control. Among other bidet benefits, this allows you to choose between different temperature settings.

4. You Need to Use Soap

Contrary to popular opinion, mixing soap with bidet water is completely unnecessary.

In fact, this method is more likely to do harm than good. Using harsh soaps to clean the genital region can result in the mucous membrane drying out. This increases the risk of infection, inflammation, and lichen sclerosis.

The best way to clean this area is to use soft water. Bidet toilet seats often aerate the water with oxygen, delivering a cleansing burst.

5. A Bidet Is Too Expensive

This used to be a valid concern. These days? Not so much.

Not that long ago, the only bidets available on the market were the expensive ones. Most of them were Japanese brands, such as Toto. These are high-quality models, and their price reflects that.

Well, there’s no need to spend $1000 on a bidet. A non-electric bidet seat or attachment will set you back around $50-$200. If you do your research, you can even find a high-end electronic bidet for as little as $400.

6. Installation Is Too Difficult

There’s also the matter of actually installing a bidet in your bathroom.

First things first: you don’t always need a plumber for this task. If you’re installing a bidet seat, you’ll only need to connect it to a standard GFCI outlet. This uses an existing water connection that’s already attached to your toilet tank.

Looking to install a separate fixture? In this case, you may want to contact a plumber instead of tackling the issue yourself. The good news is that this may set you back less than you think.

7. Bidets Are For Women

When it comes to common myths about these great fixtures, this one is near the top.

Sure, a bidet is effective at maintaining feminine hygiene during menstruation. Most “feminine wipes” contain ingredients that can irritate vulvar skin. Meanwhile, a bidet will only contain water.

Still, this doesn’t mean that men should stick to toilet paper. A bidet provides an extensive wash of your entire genital area, regardless of gender. Plus, it helps you relieve conditions such as jock itch and hemorrhoids.

8. Toilet Paper Is Cheaper

At first glance, a bidet may seem like an unnecessary investment. Dig a little deeper, though, and you’ll realize it’s anything but.

To begin with, using a bidet helps you lessen your toilet paper usage. Right now, a roll of toilet paper costs $3, and the average U.S. resident uses about 410 rolls a year. That’s a whopping $1,230 a year on toilet paper alone!

Of course, that means using a bidet comes with many environmental benefits. By reducing our toilet paper consumption, we’ll cut down on overall waste.

9. Bidets Are Unsanitary

Are bidets sanitary? To answer that, you only need to look at some of our previous entries.

Yes, hands-free washing is more effective than constant wiping with toilet paper. Not only this helps you get clean faster, but it gets you there in a much gentler way. Most bidet attachments get cleaned on an automatic basis as well.

Worried about the quality of bidet water? Here’s a hot tip: a bidet doesn’t get water from the toilet tank. Instead, it draws it from the shut-off valve located next to the toilet.

10. The Remote Is Wireless

Did you know that most children think a bidet is a hilarious contraption?

If your kids are prone to mischief, this can seem like a problem. It’s easy to imagine a situation where you’re hit by an unexpected burst of water while chilling on a bidet seat. Serves you right for leaving the remote lying around, right?

Well, there’s no reason to worry about these hypothetical occurrences. Though it’s true that most bidet remotes are wireless, the good ones only use infrared (IR) signals. Needless to say, IR signals can’t pass through walls.


We hope that clearing up these misconceptions has helped you realize why we love the bidet so much. Other than improving your personal hygiene, using a bidet is effortless and affordable.

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