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Can Coffee Grounds Go Down The Sink? Our Sink Plumbing Repair Specialists Weigh In!

Sink plumbing repairs are often rooted in plumbing errors, like putting coffee grounds down the sink!

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When it comes to sink plumbing repair, our team often hears questions oriented around coffee grounds going down the sink. The quick and easy answer is NO, coffee grounds should never be improperly discarded within your home’s plumbing system.

There are a lot of reasons why coffee grounds are one of the worst household products to put down your drains, and below we’ll help you learn more about why coffee grounds are so terrible for your plumbing, as well as how to unclog your drains that have been clogged by them!

Why Are Coffee Grounds Bad For Sinks & Drains?

The harsh truth that a lot of Northern Utah homes need to come to terms with is that coffee grounds most certainly are bad for your home’s sinks and drains!

The biggest problem associated with coffee grounds as compared to other food products is that they don’t break down, and they’ll often end up sitting within your drains and creating problematic buildup. It’s possible that you could put coffee grounds down your drain on a consistent basis for several months until you eventually develop a serious clog that’ll require professional attention.

The good news is that coffee grounds can actually serve your household in positive ways when you don’t toss them down your drains, and one idea is to use your coffee grounds as a garden fertilizer.

It’s A Common, Yet Very Serious Mistake

If you’ve developed the habit of putting coffee grounds down your drains, then you’re definitely not alone. A lot of people take the stance that it can’t be too bad because they’ve put coffee grounds down their drains before and didn’t have any issues, but this unfortunately is an all-too-common plumbing problem.

The truth is that putting coffee grounds into your sink’s plumbing will end up being a serious error that creates negative ripple effects throughout much of your plumbing system. Coffee ground clogs can even lead to serious plumbing issues like sewer line repairs that must be addressed as quickly as possible to avoid costly structural damages!

Unclogging A Drain Filled With Coffee Grounds

The first thing you need to remember when unclogging your coffee-filled drain is that chemical drain cleaners are best to be avoided. Although these products can clear out a clog, they’ll also create corrosion within your pipes that’ll eventually cause damage if you use them over and over.

Drain snakes are a good option for this type of drain cleaning, because they’ll safely poke a hole through your clog, which can help you flush away any remaining coffee grounds.

There are many DIY methods to keep in mind when you’re experiencing a coffee clog, but you’re always going to be better off working with specialists who can ensure that your repair is permanent.

What Other Products Shouldn’t Go Down Drains?

There are several things that many people think can be flushed down toilets and sinks, when they in fact shouldn’t ever be introduced into a residential plumbing system.

Some of these products include “flushable cat litter”, which quite frankly isn’t marketed ethically. This litter will end up being catastrophic for you home’s septic system, and it often is the source of serious drain clogs.

Eggshells are another product to avoid putting down your kitchen sink’s drain, because there are many fats and greases in eggshells that create solidified problems. Cooking fats and greases are also terrible for your plumbing system, because they turn solid. You’re also going to need to avoid putting wet napkins, produce stickers and wet paper towels down your drains as well.

It’s also important to never flush medication down your toilets or sinks, and paint shouldn’t be washed down your drains, either.

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