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Checklist For What Can & Cannot Go Down Garbage Disposals

A lot of people are confused about what can and cannot go down garbage disposals, so we’re settling the debate once and for all


We all know and love our garbage disposals for the incredible kitchen appliances they are, but it’s incredibly important to always remember that your garbage disposal isn’t invincible.

Putting all sorts of things down your kitchen sink can lead to incredibly serious plumbing consequences, and in some instances, these plumbing problems can even be hazardous. Beehive Plumbing is always here for you and your northern Utah home when you need any and all sink plumbing repairs, but we also want to put the word out about precautions that can avoid sink issues altogether.

So here’s a list of what can and cannot go down garbage disposals:

NEVER Put These Products/Items Down Your Kitchen Drains:

Pasta & Rice

Although small bits of rice and pasta are acceptable, any large amounts of rice can be terrible for your garbage disposal and kitchen drains. This is mainly because rice and pasta will often expand within your pipes and potentially create a serious clog.

Egg Shells

Egg shells are one of the arch nemeses to garbage disposals, and this just so happens to be the case because tons of people will crack eggs and then place the shells in their sinks out of convenience.

Egg shells should never go down your drains because they can create blockages, and the sharp shell edges are also very detrimental to your disposal’s blades. The more egg shells you put down your drains, the duller your blades will become!

Large Bones

Poultry and beef bones simply shouldn’t go down your drains, particularly large bones. These types of bones are much too hard for the disposal’s blades, and you may even break or damage the blades with just one tough bone.

Oils & Greases

Oils, fats and greases shouldn’t go down your kitchen sinks, either. This is mainly because these substances will never mix well with water, and they can even thicken drain flow and be the catalysts of clogs. These types of clogs don’t just happen over night, so it’ll likely be a pretty serious one.

We all know what foods are high in oils, grease and fats, so it’s important to keep these types of foods out of your sink as much as you can.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are by far one of the worst products you can put down your kitchen drains, and this is because coffee grounds are much like rice in that they obstruct water flow by soaking up other insoluble substances.

And when oils are combined with coffee grounds, it develops a disastrous paste that then attracts just about everything that goes down your drain.

It’s OKAY To Put These Products Down Your Garbage Disposals:

Small Quantities of Food

Certain foods can go down your garbage disposal (but only if it’s in a small quantity). This includes rice, pasta, mashed potatoes, and other troubling food products.

As long as its only trace amounts of these types of products that you’re putting down your drains and you take good care of your plumbing system altogether, you can avoid serious problems from occurring.

Cooked Veggies

Cooked veggies are typically fine to put through your garbage disposal, but you will need to guarantee that they’re soft enough to properly go through the blades. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re not putting any starchy vegetables down your kitchen sink, because starchy products are often problematic when it comes to causing drain issues.

Ice Cubes

Ice cubes can also be put down your garbage disposal, but this type of usage should always be done in moderation. Although a couple ice cubes every now and again can be beneficial for the sharpness of your disposal blades, putting too many ice cubes down your drain can eventually chip away and even dull the blades.

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