Common HVAC Issues for Homeowners in Northern Utah During the Winter

Our HVAC services support homes and businesses when they need help during our harsh winter seasons!

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HVAC issues tend to get much more common during the winter months in northern Utah, and a lot of people don’t realize that we also provide comprehensive HVAC services on top of our plumbing services.

So we’re not only here for the integrity of your property’s plumbing system, because we’re also available to support your overall indoor comfort as well. Below are some of the most common HVAC issues that occur throughout northern Utah during our harsh winter seasons!

Frozen Pipes

We tend to see extremely harsh, freezing temperatures each winter. And although daytime highs may go above freezing, it’s important to remember how your property’s pipes can quickly freeze when temperatures plummet at nighttime.

Whether sudden or gradual, pressure buildup in your pipes can lead to freezes—which can subsequently lead to all sorts of other dilemmas. Although this is often considered to be a plumbing repair, resolving your frozen pipes for the long haul could require an examination of your HVAC system as well.

Uneven Household Airflow

Uneven airflow throughout your property is often caused by blocked vents and/or ducts. There are many different types of blockages that could directly impact your indoor comfort, and this is because clogged vents will reduce an HVAC system’s overall efficiency.

So when one room feels significantly warmer than another, it’s a red flag that you’re going to need an HVAC inspection. Uneven household airflow can also be troubling for your property’s plumbing system as well!

Dirty Air Filters

Just like blocked ductwork, your property’s air filters can become dirty and clogged. Dirty air filters are a leading cause of property’s feeling uncomfortable and abnormally chilly during the winter months.

This is why it’s so important to have your air filters changed and inspected on a regular basis, because your furnace functionality truly depends upon this basic level of upkeep.

Frequently changing your air filters will help you maintain your plumbing and HVAC system’s energy efficiency, and it’ll also ensure each system’s long-term durability.

Thermostat Malfunctions

Although HVAC thermostats are known for their durability, they’re not infallible. Over long periods of time, thermostat wires can become loose, sensors can malfunction, and computer chips can fail.

When your thermostat’s calibration is impacted, it’ll ultimately impact how the thermostat controls your property’s indoor temperature. Thermostat issues are very common in northern Utah, and a lot of people don’t realize the extent of these issues until they’re freezing during the middle of the winter season!

So not only can thermostat malfunctions lead to uncomfortable indoor temperatures, but they can also contribute to plumbing mishaps like frozen pipes!

Pilot Light Flickering

Pilot lights typically flicker shortly before failing, and this type of dilemma occurs due to two primary causes.

Drafts are one of the top causes of flickering pilot lights that eventually go out, and in this situation, you’ll need to ensure that the vent cover is correctly attached and that your furnace room is sealed from any chilly winter drafts.

Damaged or clogged flame sensors are another common cause of pilot light issues. When your furnace’s flame sensor has been damaged, it’s necessary to invest in a professional cleaning or pilot light replacement appointment.

There are also some scenarios in which you may require a water heater repair when you’re experiencing pilot light issues!

Damaged Furnace or Heat Pump

Furnaces and heat pumps require routine maintenance inspections on at least a yearly basis to guarantee that the system’s components are functioning correctly. However, when maintenance is neglected, these types of dilemmas tend to get much worse.

Furnaces and heat pumps are both prone to leaking, belt breaks, heat exchanger cracks, and much more during the winter months. Seasonal maintenance during the fall months can help you prevent a mid-winter breakdown, but our HVAC specialists will be there for you when you’re experiencing extensive system damages.

Carbon Monoxide Leaks

There’s no denying the toxicity and lethal potential of carbon monoxide, and many homes throughout northern Utah are susceptible to these leaks because they have a furnace that runs on natural gas. Carbon monoxide detectors truly can be life saving, because this gas is odorless and very difficult to detect.

Your property’s overall safety depends upon repairing any carbon monoxide leaks as quickly as possible!

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