Common Plumbing Repairs That Only Master Plumbers Can Fix

DIY home repairs are all the rage these days, but there are certain plumbing repairs that need to be left in the hands of experienced professionals!

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Although many people think they can watch a few YouTube videos and know how to conduct all sorts of DIY home repairs, the truth is that many plumbing repairs simply aren’t a DIY opportunity!

Inexperienced homeowners using basic tools and some old-fashioned elbow grease can in fact handle certain plumbing issues like a clogged toilet or smelly garbage disposal; however, there are countless larger issues that must be left in the hands of professional plumbing specialists. The worst thing you can do when experiencing a serious plumbing issue is neglect it, because when left untreated certain plumbing problems can catalyze significant damages.

So our Master Plumbers have put together this list of common plumbing issues that Northern Utah households should leave in the hands of professionals, which will help you better know when it’s time to turn YouTube off and give us a call!

Water Leaks

Although some water leaks are plumbing emergencies, others aren’t. There are many situations in which homes or businesses experience tiny leaks from underneath a sink that can be alleviated by using plumber’s tape, but other larger leaks may require extensive construction.

You can watch out for water leak warning signs by checking on your floors, walls and doorways for any kind of random discoloration, warping, odd odors, or other water damage signs.

If you do in fact notice any of these rather serious warning signs, it’s a clear indication that you’re going to need professional assistance. Master Plumbers like the Beehive team members will have all the necessary tools to properly assess your leak and pinpoint its exact origin. We’ll also be able to quickly and effectively help you understand what type of repairs will be needed to fully resolve your leak.

Low Water Pressure

Many households experience low water pressure issues in their showers, which can be a bit annoying when you’re used to having an adequate amount of pressure for your bathing and dishwashing needs.

It’s always recommended to reach out to our team when you’re going through this particular problem, and this is largely because there are so many potential causes for low water pressure. Corrosion, leaks and blocked lines can all be the root cause of low water pressure throughout a property, and the average homeowner isn’t well-equipped enough to handle these types of problems.

But the good news is that our experts will be more than capable of handling this type of plumbing repair and get your water usage back to full functionality!

Water Heater Failure

If you have a damaged or very old water heater that isn’t working properly, then it’s important to know that you are actually running many risks to your entire plumbing system! Damaged water heaters can result in all sorts of serious problems, and water heater repairs are something that should never be a DIY project.

There of course are many scenarios in which maintenance just isn’t quite enough, and in these situations our experts will help you take care of your water heater replacement needs. Be sure to be on the lookout for common warning signs like loud noises, rust, corrosion and inadequate heating, because these symptoms will help you stay proactive when your water heater is beginning to fail.

Sewer Line Repairs

Your property’s sewer system is no joke when it’s going through issues, and sewer line repairs typically manifest themselves in breaks or serious clogs that need to be properly addressed by an experienced specialist.

There are many different causes for both clogs and cracks in your sewer line, but it’s nearly impossible to understand the root cause of these issues without cutting-edge plumbing technology like pipe inspection cameras. The good news is that Beehive Plumbing is always well-equipped with specialized tools to diagnose and treat these types of plumbing problems, so you can rest easy knowing that your sewage issues will be efficiently resolved when you reach out to our team!

Bathtub Clogs

Bathtub clogs typically aren’t the most serious of plumbing repairs, but they are repair jobs that need to appropriately handled. Your bathtub will always take in all sorts of different debris like sand, hair, dust and dirt on a daily basis, and when this debris is combined with hard water and soap scum it can lead to serious clogs!

Drain snakes can sometimes be what’s necessary to resolve these clogs, and it’s important for homeowners to understand that over-the-counter drain cleaners typically only make matters much worse because they corrode your pipes. There truly is a high likelihood of a homeowner making a mistake when trying to conduct a DIY bathtub un-clog job, which is why it’s best to reach out to a plumbing specialist when it comes to resolving this particular issue.

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