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Common Signs That Your Household’s Drinking Water Isn’t Clean Enough

It’s always crucial to ensure that your home’s drinking water is safe for consumption!

water filtration and water purification in Northern Utah homes

Water truly is everything when it comes to our well-being, but the unfortunate truth in Northern Utah is that our municipal water supplies aren’t as clean as they truly ought to be.

This is why it’s absolutely critical that every household does their due diligence in terms of testing their water, and the Beehive Plumbing specialists are always more than willing to help you conduct these tests and ensure the safety of your drinking water.

Below we’ll be going over some of the common signs indicating water contamination that you should know about!

Common Signs of Residential Water Contamination

Below are some of the common signs indicating that something is wrong with your home’s water supply, and that the water your household is consuming simply isn’t safe enough:

Your Water Tastes Unusual

Any fishy, metallic or oily tastes with your household’s water supply is a clear red flag when it comes to overall water quality. Your taste buds have instinctive sensors to help you better know when you’re drinking or eating something that is dangerous, so if you think your water tastes funny then it’s a sign that something serious is wrong with your plumbing system or water lines.

Your Water Has A Sulfur-Like Smell

Sulfur is a problematic mineral that’s often found underground in Northern Utah, so it ends up not being all that surprising when a residential water supply has traces of sulfur in it. But these trace amounts shouldn’t make your water actually smell like sulfur.

When you do actually smell sulfur in your water, it means that your water supply needs to be diagnosed immediately.

Low Water Pressure

When your home is experiencing widespread low water pressure issues, then it’s a warning sign that one or more of your pipes has become clogged. These types of clogs can often be caused by long-term corrosion or sediment/scale buildup.

Because your pipes may be jeopardized, this means that your water supply could also be jeopardized as well.

Water Sediment Buildup

Water sediments can come in many different forms, but they generally are impurities that shouldn’t be in your drinking water. Some sediments aren’t all that dangerous from a health standpoint, but they can still be distracting when seeing them in your drinking glasses.

But another big issue with water sediment is that it can eventually wreck havoc on your plumbing system. This is why water softeners have grown in popularity throughout Northern Utah in recent years.

Stains & Spots

It’s possible that your home’s water supply is experiencing an excessive amount of hard minerals like magnesium and calcium. This type of issue will cause your detergents and soaps to not work as well, which subsequently will lead to spotty dishes that don’t appear to have been cleaned.

This is a clear warning sign that you’re going to need plumbing experts to diagnose what’s happening within your household’s system.

Your Pipes Are Deteriorating

If you are able to see what your pipes are looking like firsthand and notice signs of corrosion, then it’s a sign that your pipes are deteriorating. There are many different ways in which pipes can deteriorate over long periods of time, but whenever this occurs, it inevitably is detrimental to a property’s water quality and safety.

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