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Common Thanksgiving Treats That Can Actually Create Drain Damages!

It’s important to think about your plumbing system when getting rid of your Thanksgiving leftovers and scraps!

thanksgiving foods can create drain damages in residential plumbing systems!

Thanksgiving has always been one of the most cherished holidays all across America, and of course we all know how Thanksgiving entails all sorts of traditional meals and treats.

We also all know how Thanksgiving festivities often leave households full of leftovers, and some of these leftovers simply need to be thrown out because they spoil quickly. Some people think throwing these scraps out in a garbage disposal is perfectly fine, but of course garbage disposals aren’t meant for fatty foods and other problematic substances that can lead to the need for drain cleaning services.

Foods, oils and grease (FOG) just so happen to be popular in Thanksgiving meals, and these products also commonly cause all sorts of drain damages. Below we’ll be going over some of the Thanksgiving food products that are dangerous for drains!

Thanksgiving Foods That Can Create Drain Damages

Thanksgiving foods find their way down drains far too often, which is why the days after Thanksgiving are often some of the busiest for plumbing companies across Northern Utah.

Here are some Thanksgiving foods that can damage your drains:

Turkey Skin

Turkey skin is greasy and full of oils, which is why it’s always terrible for your plumbing system. Even if you end up removing turkey skins from your garbage disposal, it’s likely that the skin’s oil will have previously trickled into your pipes.

The best way to get rid of your leftover turkey skin is to throw it out in your garbage, and keep it far away from your sinks!

Turkey Bones

Although there are some smaller turkey bones that are pretty soft, any turkey bones can pose threats to your garbage disposal and drains. Turkey bones are also a common culprit for dull disposal blades, and these bones will usually bounce around in your disposal until they create a jam.

Mashed Potatoes

A lot of people think mashed potatoes will easily seep into drains because they’re soft, but the truth is that potatoes are fibrous and starchy, which means they’ll create a paste-like substance that can cause your drains to clog.

The natural stickiness of potatoes can pretty quickly develop a serious blockage that’ll clog up your entire drain. When these clogs aren’t quickly addressed, it can lead to backups and drain damages.

Rice & Pasta

Rice and pasta are starchy just like potatoes, which means they can pose similar plumbing issues. And what’s worse about pasta and rice is that they can expand when mixed together with water, which can create a stingy type of paste-like substance that blocks pipes.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are even worse when it comes to expanding with water, and coffee grounds are something that should never go down your drains no matter what time of year it is.

Coffee grounds are among the most common food substances to create drain clogs, and they’re particularly troublesome because they harden, cool, and become really difficult to remove. It’s sometimes necessary for hydro jetting when a coffee ground clog gets too serious!

Salads & Dressing

Lettuce and other salad products are also really problematic for household drains, and this is particularly the case when they’re covered in an oily dressing.

So be careful as you’re throwing out your salad scraps this Thanksgiving as well!

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