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Common Warning Signs & Causes of Underground Water Leaks!

Underground water leaks often go by undetected, until serious plumbing repairs are required!

water on sidewalk due to leaky water main and residential plumbing problems

It’s always bad news no matter where a leak develops on your property, because you’ll inevitably be wasting water and be in need of extensive plumbing repairs. These unfortunate scenarios only get worse when the leak is found near a home’s foundation, and underground water leaks can even lead to catastrophes like sink holes if left neglected.

All of us at Beehive Plumbing understand just how important it is for home and business owners to be well aware of underground water leaks, so we’ve created this list of common warning signs and causes to better help you avoid these leaks altogether!

Common Warning Signs of Underground Water Leaks

Although there are many indications of these types of leaks, the following are some underground water leak red flags that should always be taken very seriously:

Strange Increases in Water Bills

If you know your household has been consistent with its water usage, in yet you’re still seeing significant increases in your monthly bills, then it’s a common warning sign that you’re experiencing a leak.

And when your fixtures and appliances aren’t showing signs of leaks, then your next place to check is in your crawlspaces and basements (as well as under your home’s foundation).

Low Water Pressure Issues

Low water pressure can present itself through just about any plumbing fixture, and it’s never a good sign when several of your property’s fixtures are experiencing pressure problems. One way to test your home’s water pressure is to turn your shower on and flush your toilet at the same time, because if one of these fixtures starts acting strange, then it’s possible that you’re experiencing a serious leak.

Cracks in Your Driveway

Underground water leaks often occur underneath large concrete slabs, which could possibly be your driveway. This is why it’s always important to take driveway cracks very seriously, because this type of leak will inevitably get much worse until it’s eventually addressed via cutting-edge technology like pipe lining.

Dirt Particles in Your Water Supply

Another common red flag to be on the lookout for includes dirt particles in your home’s water supply, including your showers. Whenever you notice this type of sediment buildup, it means you’re going to need to have your underground pipes checked out.

It’s very possible that these underground pipes have become significantly damaged, and this pipe damage is creating an unhealthy mixture of particles within your water lines.

Foul Odors Throughout Your Property

It’s also possible for your underground sewer lines to leak, and this type of leak will often lead to foul odors emanating around your property. This is why foul odors are the #1 warning sign for this type of underground leak.

Common Causes of Water Leaks

Below is a list of causes that are very often the culprits of water leaks in residential plumbing systems throughout northern Utah:

Damaged & Broken Seals

Sealants help connect and link pipes throughout your plumbing system, but it’s important to remember that these seals simply aren’t meant to last forever. Over long periods of time, these sealants can become over-exposed and then malfunction.

When these types of sealant issues occur underground, leaks can often occur.

Long-Term Corrosion

Underground pipe corrosion often occurs in older homes throughout northern Utah, and there’s no denying just how difficult it can be to detect this type of corrosion before it’s too late.

Many older plumbing pipes wear down over decades of usage, and this then leads to leaks and other forms of susceptibilities.

Improper Pipe Laying

There are some instances in which a property’s plumbing system was originally designed to move water against gravity, and underground leaks are just one of many reasons why it’s so crucial to ensure proper pipe laying during new construction plumbing projects.

Pipe Joint Damages

Pipe joints are another rather susceptible component of a property’s plumbing system, and this is mainly because these joints can also experience damages over long periods of time.

This is especially the case in more extreme climates that have rapid temperature fluctuations throughout the course of each year (like northern Utah).

Yard Erosion

Although it’s also natural for your yard to erode with time, it’s important to remember how soil erosion on your property is often a cause for concern. Your underground pipes can inadvertently move due to soil erosion, and this can then lead to many issues (including leaks).

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