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Common Warning Signs That Your Pipes Have A Tree Root Infiltration!

Tree root infiltration is always catastrophic for pipes, so here are some red flags that you should know about!

tree root infiltration has impacted a sewer line in northern Utah

A lot of homeowners in northern Utah don’t realize it, but tree root infiltration is a widespread issue in our region. This is largely because our trees grow very thick, deep roots that seep far underground towards our aquifers, but sometimes they make their way towards residential pipes as well.

Tree roots always gravitate towards moisture, so any subtle leaking from your home’s piping system will attract them. Once a root has infiltrated a pipe, you’ll immediately begin to recognize strange issues within your plumbing system.

Below are some common warning signs that your pipes have in fact been impacted by a tree root infiltration!

Abnormally Slow Drains

Although slow drains can be indicative of many different plumbing problems, one of these issues is tree root infiltration.

Significant blockages deep within your system are likely the cause of your slow drainage, and the best way to understand what’s causing your slow drains is to have one of our specialists use a pipe inspection camera to get a firsthand glimpse into what exactly is creating the blockage.

Bubbling or Gurgling Noises

When your plumbing system is working fine, it’ll flow water down your drains very efficiently. This typically means there won’t be any strange sounds as water enters your pipes.

But when you’re hearing abnormal bubbling or gurgling sounds from your pipes, it tends to be a sign that water isn’t moving as freely as it’s supposed to. Although this could be a sign of a simple clog, it could also mean that a tree root is blocking the flow of water deep within your system.

Backed-up Toilet

When your pipes have been infiltrated by tree roots, it’ll likely lead to toilet backups and other toilet repair needs. These types of backups tend to only get much worse as tree roots grow and eventually disrupt toilet paper and sewage waste.

So whenever you’re experiencing persistent toilet issues that keep coming back no matter how much you plunge, it’s time to contact our experts for a checkup appointment!

Foul Odors

Tree roots can also create a situation in which your home’s wastewater won’t flow correctly, and this can lead to wastewater accumulation within your pipes. And when this type of situation occurs, you can count on foul smells emanating throughout your bathrooms.

Although strange smells can be connected to countless other plumbing repairs, there are plenty of times in northern Utah when tree roots are the cause of the odors.

Unexpected Low Water Pressure Dips

When your pipes are significantly clocked or experiencing blockages, it’ll sometimes have a ripple effect on your faucets. What’s often the case is that you’ll experience sudden dips in water pressure throughout your home, and all of your fixtures will unexpectedly have a weaker water flow.

This of course can negatively impact all sorts of household chores and everyday tasks, so it’s a plumbing issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Even though your low water pressure can be connected to other plumbing issues, our Master Plumbers will be able to conduct a thorough inspection and let you know why your water pressure has dipped.

Skyrocketing Water Bills  

A lot of northern Utah homeowners will call us after noticing how their water bill has suddenly skyrocketed out of nowhere, and this type of financial hit is often the first sign that people have in terms of recognizing plumbing dilemmas. Water bill spikes are typically connected to leaks, and tree root infiltration just so happens to be an extremely detrimental underground leak that’ll often go by unnoticed.

No one wants to waste water in our region due to our dry climate, and tree root infiltration is a sneaky type of water consumption that’s difficult to pinpoint without professional support!

Strange Lush Spots in Your Yard

It’s important to examine your yard from time to time, because if one spot looks significantly greener than the rest of your lawn, it’s a sign that something is awry underground.

A lot of tree root infiltrations will lead to significant spikes in underground fertilization, which will subsequently make the grass just above your pipes lusher than anywhere else in your yard.

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