Common Warning Signs That You’re in Need of Toilet Repairs!

It’s always a bummer when you need toilet repairs, so here are some warning signs to be cautious of before things get out of hand!

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Our toilets are the unsung heroes of our residential plumbing systems, and we use our toilets so frequently to the point that they’re often prone to certain types of damages. From easy-to-fix leaks to catastrophic backups, toilet repairs are issues that everyone must take very seriously.

The Beehive Team has been there for homes and businesses throughout Northern Utah when it comes to all sorts of toilet malfunctions, so we know the warning signs that you should be on the lookout for to minimize damages (as well as potential repair costs).

Below are some of the common warning signs that you’re in need of professional toilet repairs!

Warning Signs Indicating The Need For Toilet Repairs

Although there are many various warning signs associated with toilet repairs, we’re detailing some of the most common indications here:

Your Toilet is Constantly Running Water

Not only does a constantly running toilet waste a ton of water each day, but it’s also a serious warning sign indicating something is wrong with your fixture. Be sure to turn off the water supply to your toilet when this situation is occurring, and of course reach out to our specialists as soon as possible.

The first thing our Master Plumbers will check out in this situation is the link between your flush lever and rubber flapper. These links will often get damaged due to normal wear and tear, and it’s often the cause of constant water running.

Cracks in Tank or Toilet Bowl

When cracks develop in your toilet’s tank or bowl, it’s likely going to eventually lead to even more serious plumbing problems. A couple things to be on the lookout for in this scenario include puddling around your toilet, as well as foul odors in your bathroom.

Although toilet cracks are often disregarded as minor issues that don’t require professional attention, neglecting these cracks can lead to leaks and potential water damages throughout your property!

Flush Malfunctioning

When your toilet requires three or more flushes every time you use it, it’s an indication that something is wrong with your drainage system. This type of malfunctioning is often caused by issues with your toilet’s water valve (or the rubber flapper).

Although this seems like a potential DIY repair, it’s always best to leave these jobs in professional hands. It’s never good to conduct a DIY toilet repair and then find out later that the problem wasn’t fully resolved (or even made worse), so trusting our team’s expertise will guarantee that your flush malfunctioning is resolved for the long haul.

Your Toilet Handle is Loose or Stuck

Toilet handles often become loose or stuck due to the fixture being frequently used, and a damaged toilet handle can lead to flushing issues.

No one wants to see their handles break off or become severely dislodged, so this is the type of plumbing problem that requires immediate professional attention. This is an easy fix for our specialists, and our team can set you up with a new handle that’ll last much longer!

Abnormal Gurgling Sounds

It’s always troubling when your toilet is making any abnormal gurgling sounds, especially if these sounds are consistent. No matter where these sounds are actually originating from, it’s crucial to get your toilet (and other bathroom fixtures) inspected.

Consistent Toilet Clogs

When your toilet is becoming clogged at least a few times per week, it’s a serious warning sign that you’re in need of a professional inspection. There are many causes of frequent toilet clogging, including pipeline blockages and faulty plumbing setups.

Sometimes your toilet can be clogging simply because it’s old and outdated. When an older toilet experiences long-term wear and tear, it’s inevitably going to become less efficient. In these scenarios, it may be more economical to invest in a toilet replacement as opposed to hoping more repairs will fix a lost-cause fixture.

Mineral & Sediment Buildup

Hard water is a serious problem in Northern Utah, which is why water softeners are so popular in our region. But when your plumbing system is experiencing hard water, it can subsequently experience issues related to mineral and sediment buildup as well.

This type of buildup will often lead to water flow restrictions, which then makes your toilet lack its normal efficiency. A professional toilet repair can help alleviate these types of deposits.

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