Debunking 7 Common Plumbing Repair Myths

It’s possible that you’ve fallen for a few plumbing repair myths in the past and didn’t even realize it!

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We all remember falling for different myths about home construction and plumbing when we were children, but it’s possible that there are still a few myths circulating around your property’s plumbing system that you still believe are true.

Below we’re going over some sound advice that sets the record straight about several different plumbing repair myths that are a lot more commonly believed than you may realize!

Plumbing Repair Myths That You Should Know About!

Read it and weep, Internet, because here’s the bona fide truth about many plumbing myths:

1. “Ice cubes can sharpen the blades of your garbage disposal.”

This is 100% false. What is true is that you can use ice cubes to help you dislodge certain types of food that can get stuck within your garbage disposal blades, but by no means do ice cubes make the blades literally sharper!

2. “Flushable wipes are supposed to be flushed.”

Unfortunately, flushable wipes are not as safe as they’re marketed to be. The truth is that we come across many significant plumbing backups that are actually caused by flushable wipes within a home’s pipes.

Flushable wipes are much different than traditional toilet paper because they don’t break down the same way within your plumbing system and can subsequently be the result of all sorts of plumbing issues.

3. “Bricks behind a toilet can help save money on water bills.”

This is another false claim about residential plumbing, so it might be best to leave bricks at least a good distance from your toilets. We heard they look great on home foundations and walkways!

When bricks lay up against the back of a toilet, they can actually end up damaging the guts of your toilet and be the root cause of leaks. And if you’re more frequently flushing or experiencing toilet leaks, then you’ll be spending more on your monthly water bills.

4. “Water heaters can always end up exploding if they start rumbling.”

This is another frankly dangerous plumbing myth that you may have potentially believed when you were younger, or still today! It’s perfectly common for your water heater to make rumbling or gurgling sounds, because it means that you’re experiencing all-too-common sediment buildup or other common water heater issues.

These types of rumbling sounds aren’t necessarily a warning that you’re at risk of being the subject of a plumbing explosion, but they are warning signs that you’re in need of a water heater repair. Be sure to reach out to our Master Plumbers who can thoroughly inspect your water heater, get to the bottom of the troublesome sounds, and help you prolong your water heater’s lifetime via maintenance schedules.

5. “There’s no reason to be concerned when you’re showering/bathing during an intense lightning storm.”

This is a plumbing myth that you likely still believe! The truth is that the CDC and other scientific agencies suggest to avoid baths or showers when there’s an intense lightning storm going on near your home, and this is because it’s technically possible for lightning to travel through plumbing pipes.

It’s of course a very rare scenario, but nonetheless officially precautioned upon!

6. “You can break up grease in your garbage disposal by running hot water down the drain.”

This is another false flag, easy plumbing repair that a lot of people fall for. Although it’s true that hot water can help you to temporarily break down grease that’s become dislodged within a garbage disposal, this grease buildup will likely still solidify as it travels further into your plumbing system’s cold pipes.

When this scenario occurs, the grease deposit could be the foundation of a clog that attracts everything else that goes down your pipe. This is why it’s recommended to never pour grease down your sinks!

7. “Liquid drain cleaners are the go-to when you need to safely clear a clog.”

Another very common and very false plumbing myth. Over-the-counter liquid drain cleaners are all over the place, so it’s generally assumed that you wouldn’t be sold a product that could actually be bad for your pipes when it’s marketed as a cleaning product.

There tends to be many strong, abrasive chemicals found within these liquid drain cleaning products that can clear out clogs while simultaneously damaging your pipes. Natural alternatives to the harsh chemical products can sometimes be an option, but in general you won’t get the same long-term results like you would if you got professional help to eliminate a stubborn clog.

Many stubborn clogs are actually warning signs of much more complicated issues within your plumbing system, so it’s important to not conduct band-aid maintenance when it’s only temporarily alleviating what you’re going through.

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