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Differences Between Residential & Commercial Plumbing

Beehive Plumbing specializes in both residential and commercial plumbing, but it’s important for property owners to understand the differences between these two sectors of the plumbing industry!

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A lot of us don’t generally think about plumbing as we go about our daily routines, because plumbing systems are of course supposed to function perfectly no matter where we are. The truth is that there are many major differences between residential plumbing and commercial plumbing, and you’re always going to want to work with a team of plumbing specialists that recognize these differentiations.

The Beehive Plumbing team is comprised of both residential and commercial experts that will undoubtedly be capable of alleviating any repairs or replacements that your plumbing system may need, and below we’ll be going over some of the important differences between residential and commercial plumbing!

What Exactly Is Residential Plumbing?

Any type of plumbing services that are oriented for a single-family home can be considered residential plumbing. This can include sewer line repairs, drain repairs, water heater work and any maintenance related to plumbing fixtures.

What Exactly Is Commercial Plumbing?

Commercial plumbing is oriented towards large housing complexes and businesses, and it many times will entail complex pipe installations and repairs. Many commercial properties will need routine maintenance within their water supply and waste removal systems.

There’s no doubt about it that commercial plumbing is very complex and will require commercial plumbing specialists instead of plumbers that generally help residential properties.

Common Differences Between Residential And Commercial Plumbing

The following are some of the most common differences between commercial and residential plumbing repairs:

  • The Plumbing System’s Daily Usage: It’s safe to say that daily usage is much greater within commercial plumbing systems as compared to residential counterparts. Commercial properties simply have more clients, tenants and employees that will require frequent use of the plumbing system. In residential systems, it’s typically only the single family that’s dependent upon the plumbing system. This leads to much less pipe fitting and outlets needed for optimal plumbing performance.
  • Durability and Size: Commercial plumbing systems are going to require much larger and more durable plumbing fixtures as compared to residential systems. Using the correct equipment for commercial purposes will dramatically reduce the overall likelihood of breakdowns and costly strains. Household plumbing systems are always much smaller and can utilize different types of piping fixtures.
  • Commercial Plumbing Is More Complex: Commercial properties will always have more sinks, multiple floors, many toilets and urinals and a lot that residential properties simply don’t have. Residential plumbing systems are many times easy to navigate through for plumbing specialists, which is why commercial plumbers are needed for more complex building structures.
  • Plumbing System Efficiency: No plumbing system will be perfectly resistant to damages no matter where it’s located, but clogs in commercial systems can pose more difficulties to a greater number of people necessitating much more efficient repairs. Commercial plumbing experts are always needed for these types of time constraints and unwanted hassles, because efficiently getting to the root of your problem and resolving it will be incredibly necessary for commercial buildings.
  • Commercial Buildings Are More Prone To Damages: Commercial facilities have complex plumbing systems, and these systems generally are more prone to damages as compared to residential systems. Although residential properties can certainly experience damages of all types, these damages are generally of a lesser degree.
  • Water Heater Differences: Water heater installations for commercial properties are exponentially more complex as compared to residential properties, and this is mainly because there will be more people who’ll require hot water on a daily basis. Commercial water heater tanks are typically huge as compared to residential tanks, and commercial water heaters will always necessitate specialists who understand the complex nuances of these incredibly valuable plumbing fixtures.

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