Drain Pipe Repair in Salt LAke city, Utah

Repair Leaky Drain Pipes in Salt Lake City, Utah

Drain pipes do their work quietly, and no one seems to notice they’re there unless a problem pops up. Our Beehive Master Plumbers get to the root of the problem quickly to minimize water damage, whether it is contained within the pipes or it has affected the surrounding area. Would you believe that our team of experienced plumbers are so confident in our work that we back our drain pipe repair service with a 100% guarantee?

Drain Pipe Basics

Drain pipes are vessels used to transport unwanted water or waste liquids to receptacles, sewers, waste discharge areas, and even gardens (gray water systems). Generally speaking, people want clean, uncontaminated water entering their homes. How that water leaves after it has been used is often an afterthought, unless something goes wrong.

Types of Drains Found in Residential Homes

Common Drain Pipe Problems

1. Slow drains

can be caused by a variety of issues. Grease, oil, hair, and debris can build up and clog drains. If you clean drains regularly and still experience drainage problems, a block could be lurking deep within the pipes. If the slow down is the result of the drainage system being improperly graded, repair may be a bit more extensive.

2. Multiple clogs

affect the functionality of your home and indicate a deeper problem. If your sink, toilet, and shower back up simultaneously and take an exorbitant amount of time to drain, it’s time to call in a Master Plumber.

3. Odors

coming from drains are a sure sign that something is not happening that should be. Namely, the used water is not making its way out of the home in a timely manner. As pollutants sit stagnant in drains, they break down and cause distinct smells. The problem with ignoring smells is that a broken pipe or sewer line can cause major amounts of damage the longer it is left in disrepair.

4. Flooding

does the most damage in the least amount of time. Any signs of water coming into your home from the drain pipes mean it’s time to call in the experts from Beehive Plumbing. If it is sewer water seeping into the home, contamination often results in personal property loss.

Common Drain Repairs

1. Single Part Replacement

An old leaky drain with bad gaskets or cracked joints may show itself with stains on ceilings or walls. New WingTite Drains make short work of a leaky shower drain. Once the old drain flange is removed, the WingTite Drain slips over the old drain pipe and is sealed with an O-ring. A little silicone in the right places and a new drain cover complete this repair.

2. Complete Overhaul

If all of the drains and pipes in the house were installed at the same time, one leak could indicate more problems to come. Replacing old, corroded pipes is an extensive task, but it is more cost-effective than trying to combat the mold and water damage caused by long-term leaks.

Pipe Lining for Broken Drain Pipes in Utah

Pipe lining offers a solution to those who need to repair broken pipes without tearing up their yards or homes. This trenchless lining technique does not require pipes to be excavated to undergo repair. At Beehive Plumbing, our team of experts inserts a heated tube into the affected pipes which is expanded to seal off any leaks or damaged areas. Pipe lining offers a repair option that is guaranteed to last 50 years and can often be completed in one day.

Prevent Leaks with Proper Drain Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure drains are working properly.

  • Use a wire mesh filter to keep hair out of the drains. Be sure to empty it daily.
  • Always dispose of coffee grounds and grease in the trash. Both can wreak havoc on kitchen drain pipes. Only water should be going down the kitchen drain.
  • Avoid sweeping and washing debris into floor drains. Be sure drains in laundry rooms and basements have acceptable drain covers.
  • Plan on cleaning drains twice a year to keep gunk from building up and causing clogs. To do this, pour a couple of cups of vinegar down the drain. Let it sit for ten minutes and flush with hot water. If you use properly fitting mesh filters and drain covers, you will help prevent clogs in the first place.

*In case of a leak- It is best to learn where your shut-off valves are located in case of a leak.

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