Five Pipe Noises to Be On The Lookout For!

Pipe noises are often an alarming warning sign for plumbing repairs, and here are a handful of sounds that mean trouble for your plumbing system!

pipe noises coming from a plumbing system in northern Utah

The vast majority of northern Utah homeowners are far from plumbing experts, and many people don’t know too much about their plumbing systems simply because so much of their systems are out of sight. Most of us only see our plumbing fixtures on a daily basis (toilets, showerheads, faucets and drains), so it’s always tough to know how to spot leaks and other issues occurring within out-of-sight pipes.

One important plumbing warning sign for home and business owners to know about is strange pipe noises, because hearing abnormal sounds can be a clear indication that it’s time to reach out to our Master Plumbers. These types of alarming pipe noises are typically a red flag for all sorts of underlying issues within your plumbing system that can get much worse with time, so it’s never a good idea to neglect these noises.

Below we’ll be detailing a comprehensive overview about five pipes noises that property owners should be aware of, and we’ll also let you know what these abnormal sounds could mean in terms of the plumbing repairs that may be necessary at your home or business.

Five Pipe Noises To Be Aware Of Throughout Your Northern Utah Property!

If you’re hearing any strange, loud noises coming from the inner workings of your property’s pipes, then it’s a significant red flag that something is wrong. Below are some of the most common pipe noises that signify a need for a professional plumbing inspection:

Dripping Sounds

Dripping sounds typically allude to leaking fixtures, but these types of leaks can also occur within out-of-sight pipes. One of the bigger problems with dripping sounds is that we’re accustomed to them, and we might not realize just how big the plumbing issue is until it’s too late.

Even when your dripping sounds are essentially harmless, it’s a good idea to get your system checked out just in case more serious issues are lingering.

Whistling Noises

Faulty valves or significant blockages may be at play when you’re consistently hearing loud whistling sounds coming from your pipes. It’s also likely that your pipes have sediment buildup within them when you’re hearing this type of whistling, and this type of sediment buildup could also be plaguing your plumbing fixtures.

Vibrating Noises

Vibrating noises within pipes are often caused by excessive water pressure, and this is an alarming pipe noise because it could potentially lead to leaks and other damages.

Our experts will always help you gauge your property’s water pressure by using cutting-edge water pressure gauges. If we see that your water pressure is over 80 psi, it could be necessary to install a pressure regulator to better protect your plumbing system from inadvertent harm!

Rumbling Noises

When your water heater is making rumbling sounds, it’s often connected to sediment buildup. Here in northern Utah, countless water heaters get severely damaged to excessive sediment and mineral buildup.

This is a plumbing issue that needs to be addressed efficiently, because it can quickly lead to higher utility bills and premature water heater replacements. The good news is that our water heater repair specialists will support you through these issues, and we can also set you up with a state-of-the-art water softener to avoid sediment buildup altogether!

Gurgling Noises

Another common type of noise to come from pipes is a gurgling-like sound. Gurgling can indicate many different plumbing issues, including clog buildups, sewer line problems, and trapped air bubbles within your water pipes.

Gurgling noises are particularly alarming when you hear them while draining water or flushing toilets, so this is another troubling plumbing noise that needs to be examined by professionals as soon as possible.

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