Five Substances That May Potentially Be In Your Drinking Water!

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Do you know the intricate details of your home’s water supply? Here in Northern Utah, we are fortunate to have high-quality water supplies from local municipalities; however, there’s also no denying that many residential water supplies in this part of Utah are high in mineral content.

There are a number of substances commonly found in residential water supplies that would likely surprise you. Although you should feel rest assured that your water supply is more than likely safe for things like bathing and cooking, we also understand how a lot of homeowners simply don’t want these surprising substances in their water.

Beehive Plumbing has supported countless homes and businesses through our state-of-the-art water softeners and water treatment systems, and below we’ll be going over five substances that our plumbing appliances can help you get rid of!


Mercury is a heavy, silver metal that many people understand is toxic for human consumption, but a lot of people don’t realize that mercury is only toxic when consumed in large amounts.

Mercury is also found in many foods, particularly fish. We’ve all heard of mercury poisoning from excessive fish eating, but a lot of Northern Utah residents don’t realize that small concentrations of mercury can also be in their drinking water.

Even in small traces, mercury is a substance that should be filtered out of your water system. Mercury isn’t good for anyone’s immune system, and it’s particularly dangerous towards young children and the elderly.


Lead is a very common metal that’s also toxic for human consumption. The bad news is that many lead pipes were constructed prior to us knowing this information, which is why many homes and municipalities still today experience lead within their sewage and drinking water lines.

Lead exposure and poisoning can lead to serious health effects like kidney disease, increased chances of stroke/cancer and high blood pressure. In yet, lead is a common substance that’s found within our drinking water!

Even if you have a newer home in Northern Utah, it doesn’t mean you’re lead-free. This is due to municipal water supplies carrying small amounts of lead, but you can count on our Master Plumbers to be there for you when you need a water quality evaluation!

Manganese & Iron

Manganese is a common, non-toxic metal that’s generally easy to detect within residential water supplies. Manganese usually isn’t colorless, which means that it’ll add strange tastes to your water and even a brownish tint. Iron is another metal that will potentially exhibit the same qualities.

So if you notice a brown tint to your water or any strange smells, then it’s possible that either manganese or iron is the root cause. The good news is that our plumbing specialists will rather easily be able to filter this type of metal from your property’s water supply through one of our high-quality filtration systems.


Arsenic is a tasteless and odorless poison that’s become famous for it’s usage within fictitious murder mysteries, but arsenic is also a common substance that’s found underground everywhere.

Our bodies are undoubtedly capable of filtering out trace amounts of arsenic, but it’s still important to know that high levels of exposure can cause health issues. Our modern technology will help you when it comes to detecting and ultimately filtering out arsenic from your drinking water.


Chlorine most certainly is found within our municipal water supplies, but it’s usually a mix between other substances that will make chlorine beneficial in a whole variety of ways.

So it’s actually good to have chlorine in your drinking water, mainly because it’s a disinfectant that can kill viruses and bacteria. Water chlorination even played a major role in eradicating diseases like dysentery, cholera and typhoid throughout a lot of the world! The World Health Organization has even pronounced that water chlorination was the most influential decision towards improving human health.

Even though chlorine is largely good for your water supply, it’s still not safe to drink in excessive levels. That’s why the Beehive Plumbing team will conduct thorough analyses of your water supply to make sure that you are in fact obtaining a healthy dose of chlorine.

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