Four Ways to Avoid Common Plumbing Nightmares

Plumbing problems will plague every homeowner at one time or another, and a professional plumbing company like Beehive Plumbing is always here to save the day. In order to save you money, time and hassle, we want to see you care for your pipes and fixtures throughout every day. In order to do this, we’ve come up with four ways you can avoid common plumbing nightmares.

Avoid the Easy Way Out

When you have a clogged drain in a sink or bathtub, it’s tempting to run to the store, buy the easy fix and send it down the drain. Remember that drains will back up naturally over time, and chemically treating drains can seriously damage your pipes. Avoid using dangerous chemicals to unclog your drains, and always call a professional plumber when you have a clog.

Careful What You Flush

Your toilet likely has a large flush that seems like it can handle anything, but there are quite a few things you should never flush down the drain. Anything that is not biodegradable will eventually block your pipes and clog your drain. Avoid flushing paper towels, feminine products and hand wipes down the toilet.

Don’t Avoid the Problem

While plumbing problems are a hassle, they are better dealt with than ignored. If you notice dripping water in your plumbing system, there is clearly a problem that should not be avoided. It’s likely that if the problem is ignored, it is only going to get worse and cause serious problems before it gets better. Whenever you notice dripping water anywhere in your house, call professional plumber to find and repair the problem.

Utilize the Garbage

It’s tempting to throw food scraps down the disposal, but eventually, they can build up and create a dam that causes the water to back up in the sink. Always throw food scraps in the garbage rather than down the disposal.

We Can Help

At Beehive Plumbing, we have the tools, experience and knowledge to help you deal with most plumbing problems before they turn into disaster. Call us today to learn more.

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