Garbage Disposal Tips To Assist Homeowners With Drain Cleaning Prevention

Knowing how to take care of your garbage disposal can help save you a ton of drain cleaning hassles!

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Every homeowner understands just how useful their garbage disposal can be when it comes to eliminating unwanted food debris and small scraps, but all of us at Beehive Plumbing know too well how countless homeowners simply take their garbage disposals for granted.

Most of us simply expect our garbage disposals to never necessitate professional drain cleaning or even experience any kind of issues, but this is just not the case. It’s typically rather likely that you’ll experience garbage disposal issues every now and again, and this can lead to clogs or even complete failures!

Garbage disposals of course make our lives much easier and are a staple within most kitchens, and on this page we’re going to delve into how homeowners should take proper care of their garbage disposals!

How Garbage Disposals Work

Every garbage disposal is connected to your plumbing system via the underside of your kitchen sink, and it’s here in the central chamber where food debris will end up collecting just below the disposal’s sharp blades. As we all know, these sharp blades will rely upon the device being switched on electrically.

In order to properly maintain the overall integrity of your garbage disposal, it’s important to schedule routine plumbing checkups on at least a yearly basis; and you should always have any necessary repairs promptly addressed.

When you have one of the experienced Beehive Plumbing specialists on the job, you can be much more rest assured that you’re reducing the likelihood of experiencing any type of costly repairs further into the future. You can also reduce your chances of cuts and other injuries that can likely happen with DIY garbage disposal repairs!

DO NOT Put Certain Items Down Your Garbage Disposal

The biggest issue that constantly happens with garbage disposals is that homeowners tend to associate this kitchen tool with their garbage can, which then leads them to throw just about anything down their drains. The notion that a garbage disposal can handle just about any debris couldn’t be further from the truth, and there’s actually a TON of items that should never go down your drains.

Some of the following common items that shouldn’t go down your garbage disposal include the following:

  • Eggshells
  • Grease
  • Oil
  • Potato peels
  • Fruit pits
  • Any tough food scraps
  • Bones
  • And much more!

Putting any of these types of items down your garbage disposal can end up leading to serious clogs and the necessity for professional drain cleaning services.

Common Signs That You May Require Garbage Disposal Services

Some of the most common symptoms of garbage disposal repairs include the following:

  • Slow Drainage: Slow drainage is by far one of the most common garbage disposal repair symptoms, so if you notice slow drainage after eliminating and clearing away any food debris then it’s likely that you’re experiencing a clogged drain. It’s important for all homeowners to understand that over-the-counter chemical drain cleaners can actually do more harm than good in these types of scenarios, and that professional drain cleaning is always the better option when it comes to maintaining the integrity of your piping system!
  • Foul Odors: If you notice any type of foul smells emanating from your garbage disposal, then this is a common sign that food debris is remaining within your drain line and is beginning to rot deep inside your pipes. This typically will indicate that you have a rather serious clog issue, or that your disposal’s blades aren’t doing a good enough job to finely chop through your excess food debris.
  • Disposal Jams: When you experience a jammed garbage disposal, the entire system will cease to work altogether. There are some instances in which disposals are designed to be rather easily unjammed, but for the most part this scenario will require a visit from the Beehive Plumbing specialists.

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We understand how garbage disposal issues can subsequently lead to more problems throughout your kitchen and even the entirety of your plumbing system, and that it’s always important to address these residential plumbing problems as quickly as possible.

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