How Much Is A Shower Faucet Repair?

We’re detailing everything you need to know about the costs of a shower faucet repair appointment!

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The average cost for a shower faucet repair is around $350, but it’s important to remember how these repair costs vary widely depending on a shower’s specific needs.

There are many shower repair factors that northern Utah homeowners need to keep in mind. In today’s blog, we’ll explain everything you need to know about how much shower faucet repairs cost!

What Exactly Is A Shower Faucet Valve?

Every shower faucet is comprised of several different valves, and these valves are what help you control water temperature, pressure, and overall flow.

It’s normal for shower faucet valves to wear down after many years of daily usage. The good news is that our Master Plumbers will be more than capable of handling these projects on your behalf.

Three main cost factors contribute to the overall price of shower faucet valve repairs and replacements, including:


Most professional plumbers will charge an hourly rate between $50-$200, and these rates will often depend upon your local marketplace. Most shower valve replacement projects will take around 2-4 hours to complete, so you could be looking at around $100-$400—without including material costs.


The average material costs for shower valve repairs are between $20-$350, which technically depends on what has malfunctioned within your shower faucet.

Removing Old Valves

Many shower faucet repairs will require old valves to be entirely removed from the fixture, which can add up due to the time it takes (about an hour) and the material costs involved.

The average cost of removing and replacing a shower faucet valve with a new one is between $ 45 and $200.

Other Factors That Impact Shower Faucet Repair Costs

There are many different factors that home and business owners need to keep in mind when they’re trying to verify the costs of their next shower faucet repair project.

When you find yourself with a malfunctioning shower faucet, you’ll want to keep the following in mind:

Your Shower’s Amount of Faucet Handles

The number of handles your shower has can often impact how much you’ll pay for repair and replacement appointments. Single-handle shower faucets are considered the most affordable to repair, whereas three-handle shower faucets tend to be the most expensive.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect to pay based on your number of shower faucet handles:

  • Single-handle shower faucets: $30-$150
  • Two-handle shower faucets: $40-$150
  • Three-handle shower faucets: $65-$300

Shower Faucet Kit vs. Individual Parts

If you only need to replace specific parts of your shower faucet, you could save on your repair costs by only obtaining and replacing the parts you need. But when you need to replace an entire shower faucet and its components, you’ll need to invest in an entirely new shower faucet kit.

Shower faucet kits cost between $20-$250, depending on your specific valve types and other extenuating circumstances. These kits provide all of the necessary materials to replace brand-name faucet kits, but it’s important to remember that you may need specialized kits when your shower is older.

Shower Faucet Repair Location

The location of your shower repair project can make a huge difference in your overall project costs because this factor can be the difference between a two-hour repair and a four-hour repair. Due to added labor, hard-to-reach valves and faucet components can often cost twice as much.

When a plumber can’t successfully reach specific shower faucet components, it might require them to cut into your bathroom wall to remove the damaged component that needs to be replaced.

Other Plumbing Repairs

There’s also the possibility that your shower faucet repair might require additional plumbing repairs to ensure the long-term viability of the new shower faucet components or system installation.

Some plumbing reparations that may be necessary include:

  • Shower wall repair costs
  • Showerhead or faucet replacements
  • Clogged shower drain repairs
  • Leak repairs
  • Plumbing inspection costs

Potential Permits

It’s also possible that your shower faucet repair project may require a permit, which depends upon your local municipality’s laws and regulations.

The good news is that we’ll handle everything when it comes to obtaining and utilizing a plumbing permit, but it’s essential to remember that most permits cost between $50-$500.

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