How to Choose a Water Heater That’s Right For You

Purchasing a water heater for your home is a long term investment. It is therefore necessary to put plenty of thought into the purchasing process. When selecting a water heater choose one that will not only provide your home with enough water but one that is also energy efficient to save you money in the long run. There are different types of water heaters available to choose from. You must consider the size of your home, the fuel source and the pros and cons of each system. Below is a guide to help you when you are purchasing a water heater.

How to Choose a Water Heater in Utah

Identify the fuel sources

There are plenty of energy sources to choose from. They include;

• Electric: Electric water heaters make use of large coils similar to those in an oven that hang into the tank and heat the water. They are not as efficient as those using other fuel sources such as propane gas. Electricity is more expensive than other energy sources but the cost of buying the water heater upfront is lower.

• Propane: The gas is generally cheaper than electricity making it a more popular choice compared to electric heaters.

Solar water heaters: They rely on the sun to heat water. They are less convenient for areas that do not receive much sunlight but perfect for those living in tropical areas.

Determine the size of the storage tank water heater

After you have identified the gas to use the next thing is to figure out the size of storage tank. If you are replacing an old tank, consider if it was providing enough heat if not then it is time to upgrade to a larger size. You should also consider if your family size will grow in the next few years. If your family grows it means a higher demand for hot water and you need a tank with the capacity to satisfy that demand. Other than the capacity of the tank you should also consider the recovery rate. Recovery rate is the amount it can heat within one hour.

Energy efficiency

To maximize the amount of savings you make you should choose a highly efficient water heater. With the technology development today there are many energy efficient options available to choose from. Do your research before purchasing to find the most energy efficient heaters.


Costs are arguably the factor that most people will consider before they can purchase a water heater. Not only the initial purchasing cost but also the annual operational costs.

Types of Water Heaters

There are a number of water tanks available. Before making a decision consider each of their benefits. They include;

Storage Tank Water Heater

 They are the most common water heaters in use today. They have an insulated tank where the water is stored after it has been heated. The water is continually being heated all the time and there is sufficient water when you need it. It is perfect for a small family or if you are alone.

• Easy maintenance and cost of replacement parts is low
• Low installation costs
• Easy to replace
• Uses a variety of fuels

• Inefficiency since they reheat water even when there is no usage
• High energy bills
• They ran out of hot water fast

Tankless Water Heater

Tank less water heaters are also known as demand or instantaneous water heaters because they only provide hot water when it is needed. They heat water directly without using a storage water tank. Water is heated as it travels through in a pipe through the heating unit. You therefore have a constant supply of hot water. This is best suited for those with large families or if you enjoy long hot baths.

• Endless supply of hot water
• Energy saving as they only run when needed
• Small in size hence space saving
• Accurate temperature control

• High installation costs
• Untreated water can lead to scaling that reduces water flow
• Complicated installation

Choose Beehive Plumbing in Utah to Install Your Water Heater

There are also a lot of considerations to make before you can settle on a specific water heater. If you are in this situation contact beehive plumbing in Utah and let the experts help you make the decision. Having worked with water heaters for years they have accumulated enough knowledge to consider your needs and choose the right water heater. Our experts at Beehive Plumbing in Utah can repair, replace, and install your water heater that will work best for your home. Contact Beehive Plumbing today by calling us at 801-661-8155.

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