What Low Water Pressure is Telling You

Water pressure is often what makes a good shower great and makes battling dirt and grease on your dishes much easier. When your water slows to a weak trickle, it can be frustrating and annoying. But, what can you do about it? It may depend on the cause.

Low water pressure could be due to several problems. Thankfully, most of them can be easily remedied by working with a professional plumber at Beehive Plumbing in Utah. Experiencing low water pressure may be telling you that you have one of the following problems:

Leaking Pipes

Leaks can lead to lower water pressure because water is not reaching its final destination as it should. Generally, small leaks will not cause a noticeable drop in water pressure. Large cracks or holes in several areas, however, can make an enormous impact on your water pressure.

Look for dripping water, staining, or mold for signs of water leakage. Pipes inside the walls may also cause peeling paint or bubbling and water stains. Sometimes leaks are difficult to spot because they are in the walls or under the floor. Your Beehive plumber can help you find these holes and address them as necessary.

Corrosion and Build up

Older homes may have problems with plumbing systems that have corroded over time. This type of corrosion can lead to lower water pressure because less water can move through the pipes at one time.

Mineral deposits and debris can build up on faucets and showerheads as well. In some situations, a good cleaning can address many of these issues on the surface. However, buildup and corrosion that occurs in the pipes may require a complete overhaul and update of your plumbing.

Bad Pressure Regulator

A pressure regulator is used in every home to ensure that the water pressure fits your needs. In most situations, the regulator is already preset and does not need any adjustments. However, over time the regulator can go bad or wear out, which leads to problems with low water pressure. Thankfully, any of our Beehive plumbers can help you with this relatively simple fix.

Issues Outside Your Home

Not every low water pressure problem is due to internal issues. In some situations, the entire water system for your geographical area may be to blame. For example, if the main water breaks, that can impact the water pressure for the whole neighborhood.

If you notice a sudden decrease in water pressure, you may want to call your neighbor to determine if he or she also has the same problem. If they do, it likely is not an issue with your pipes, but the city’s municipality may have complications.

Using water at peak times can also decrease water pressure. Certain neighborhoods have trouble keeping up with water demands at high usage times. You may be able to call your municipality to ask what time peak water usage may be for your particular area. Then, test your water pressure at off-times to see if the pressure improves.

Spotting and Addressing Water Pressure Problems in Utah with Beehive Plumbing

If you are experiencing low water pressure, Beehive Plumbing can do a full evaluation of your plumbing system to determine what may be causing your low water pressure. We offer 24/7 service for business and residential customers in Utah all along the Wasatch Front. Our Beehive team is insured, bonded, and licensed master plumbers that deliver quick, dependable service. If our evaluation results in the need for a full re-plumb, we also have financing available to meet your needs and confidently guarantee all of our services 100 percent! Contact Utah plumbers you can trust at Beehive Plumbing by calling (801) 923-1129 today for more information!

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