Plumbing Checklist For Leaving Town During The Holidays

Here are some of the things to check up on before you visit family and friends this Holiday Season!

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Maybe you’ve packed up your family’s ski gear or you’re preparing for your next tropical getaway, but the odds are that your Northern Utah family might be traveling during the holidays.

All of us at Beehive Plumbing know too well in terms of just how frequently a family can neglect their residential plumbing systems while going out of town for the holidays, and this is largely because a lot of people underestimate the intensity of the winter storms that roll in this time of year.

Here’s a quick checklist of plumbing tasks you should keep in mind before leaving for your next holiday vacation!

Shut All Your Outside Plumbing Fixtures Down Prior To Leaving Home

Always be sure to take a little bit of time to examine and drain your home’s outside spigots and plumbing fixtures prior to leaving for a family vacation. This is the time of year when temperatures can drop really quickly, which leads to frozen pipes and all sorts of issues with your spigots.

Put Your Home’s Water Heater Into Vacation Mode

It’s also very important to take a close look at your water heater prior to leaving for a vacation, and if everything seems fine, you should consider lowering your water heater’s temperature while you’re away to save energy.

Some modern water heaters also have a vacation mode that’s perfect for these scenarios. But simply lowering the water temperature on an older unit will also do the trick!

Do Your Part To Avoid A Stinky Return

We all know just how easy it is to forget about our trash cans and refrigerators prior to a vacation, and whenever this happens, pretty nasty smells are a given.

It’s also important to remember that your kitchen’s garbage disposal can be a source of gross smells that you come home to after vacations, so be sure to clean your disposal out prior to leaving.

There are a few easy ways to clean your disposal out before your trip, and drain scents are a safe approach that doesn’t potentially harm your plumbing system.

Shutting Off Your Main Water Valve

One of the very best ways to fully prevent all-out disasters at your home while you’re away on vacation is shutting off your main water valve. This will make sure that no water enters your home while you’re away.

When you do this, you should also make sure that you’ve opened up all of your home’s faucets to let out the remaining water left in the line. This will also go a long way to prevent potential pipe freezing.

Shutting Down Your Sprinkler System

Another important part of your plumbing system to simply take a look at prior to your holiday vacation is your sprinkler system.

If any small leaks exist within your sprinklers, it can end up becoming a serious issue when you return home.

Preventing Failures With Your Faucets

It’s more than likely that you’ve set up a budget for your entire vacation, so you’re not going to want to let a leaky faucet waste money while you’re away.

You’ll be surprised by just how much a small faucet leak can impact a monthly water bill, and our specialists will always help you with sink plumbing repairs when you think your faucet is in need of professional support.

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