Plumbing Problems You Should Never Try to Fix On Your Home

We know that your home is your biggest investment, and something that you take pride in. We also know that there are times where you need a professional to handle a job to ensure that your home and everything you own is protected. Professional plumbing contractors can guarantee that your system is functioning properly and at peak efficiency at any time. If you ever have the following plumbing problems, make sure you call a professional before trying to fix it on your own.

Stubborn Drains or Toilets

A simple toilet clog is easy for a homeowner to handle, and small blockages only require a plunger and some effort. Any stoppage that isn’t cleared easily with a plunger should be handled by a professional. Never resort to chemical powders or gels to remove clogs from your toilets or drains, as they can damage the pipes over time.

Burst or Cracked Pipes

Any time you have a compromised pipe, you should call a professional plumber. If you have a frozen pipe that hasn’t burst yet, a professional can attempt to remove the section that is frozen and get your home back in regular flowing order quickly.

Backed Up Sewer Line

Fixing the sewer line on your own without the right tools and training can lead to a damaged sewer line or drain. Typically, backed up sewer lines are caused by a problem with the connection between the line and the main sewer, and a professional plumber can fix this problem quickly.

Damage to Water Lines

Frozen pipes can lead to damaged water lines, but finding the problem quickly in a long water line can be difficult. A professional plumber can quickly located the damage and repair it before there are any additional problems.

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