Red Flag Warning Signs Of An Imminent Water Heater Failure!

Northern Utah home and business owners can never take water heater failure warning signs lightly!

water heater repair in Northern Utah

We all tend to take our hot water supplies for granted, until we’re experiencing water heater issues!

The good news is that most water heater units don’t malfunction suddenly, and they’ll often give you some red flags indicating that it’s time for a water heater replacement.

There’s a lot that northern Utah residents need to keep in mind regarding water heater failures, so below are some warning signs that you should be on the lookout for when trying to spot red flags of an imminent failure!

Warning Signs Of Water Heater Failures

You can ultimately protect your property and save a lot of money when you take the following water heater failure warning signs seriously:

Water Leaks Coming From Tank

Whenever you see that your water heater is leaking directly from the tank, it’s a clear red flag that the unit is failing. It’s possible for this situation to manifest itself in the forms of dripping pipes, pools of water below the unit, and water dripping from the tank.

Although loose connections and open valves could technically cause this type of leaking, it’s also possible that it’s simply time for a new water heater.

Your Water Heater Is Really Old & Outdated

No water heater unit is meant to last forever, which is why homeowners need to keep up with their unit’s age and know when replacements make more sense than repairs.

Although our team will be there for you whenever you need water heater repairs, we’ll also help you invest in an affordable, eco-friendly model that’s popular within today’s marketplace when it’s a more viable option.

Your Hot Water Doesn’t Last Long Enough

This type of dilemma is often caused by excessive sediment buildup in a water heater tank, which just so happens to be a common issue here in northern Utah. Sediment accumulation reduces hot water space, which then leads to minimal hot water supplies.

This is a clear red flag of a failing unit, particularly when these issues have been lingering for long periods of time. Although sediment flushes are common in our region and can get the unit back to a normal functionality, you’ll ultimately need a new water heater when the unit’s valve have become severely clogged and corroded.

Inconsistent Shower Temperatures

Another very annoying red flag is when your shower temperatures are inconsistent. Although this is sometimes an easy fix with the water heater’s thermostat, it could also mean that you’re dealing with a broken heating element.

Broken heating elements are much bigger issues, but they too can be repaired. You’ll need to keep your unit’s age in mind when it comes to weighing out repairs versus replacements, because you might be better off investing in a new, eco-friendly water heater option.

Your Property Has Discolored Water

If your property’s water looks rusty or murky, then it’s a clear warning sign of a water heater failure. This type of issue is often associated with long-term corrosion, and it’s also often connected with rusting.

Rusty water is never a good thing for you or your plumbing system, so if repairs aren’t a viable option, then you’ll need a new unit.

Strange Noises

There are all sorts of strange noises that can potentially come from water heaters, and most of these noises are indicative of heater element malfunctions. It can also mean that your system is experiencing sediment buildup as well.

Although experienced technicians can often repair these types of noises, there are certain scenarios in which these abnormal sounds indicate a need for a water heater replacement.

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