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Surprising Ways Your Plumbing System Supports Your Everyday Health!

It might be easy to take the conveniences of your plumbing system for granted, but it plays a major role in improving your overall health!

burst pipes are a common residential plumbing issue that requires emergency plumbing!

The vast majority of us take our household water supplies for granted, but it truly is a blessing for every Northern Utah home to have readily available water for things like cleaning, cooking, drinking and personal hygiene. Simply being able to access hot or cold water whenever you want by turning on your tap is an incredible achievement in human progress, and this is partly because in the past our water collection processes posed all sorts of health risks.

So below we’ll be going over some of the surprising ways that your plumbing system is supporting you and your family’s overall health on a daily basis!

The History Of Plumbing

A lot of people don’t realize this, but complex municipal plumbing systems began emerging over 6,000 years ago through the innovations of the Roman Empire, and archaeologists now know that the Ancient Minoans were one of the first civilizations to develop underground clay pipes for sewage and water supplies over 1,500 years prior to the Romans!

The Minoan palace located at Knossos has proven to be one of the most exciting archaeological sites on the planet, and this is partly due to the proof of a successful plumbing system for the whole city. The many ancient aqueducts throughout Italy are still studied today, and in their time they were the greatest technological advancements that guided water from the Alps and rivers to the cities where sanitation and public health exponentially improved.

So in many ways, plumbing is one of the most interesting facets of our history that was largely rooted in supporting the health of countless people!

Water-Borne Illnesses

Water-borne diseases of all types have plagued the human species for thousands of years, and still today we’re dealing with poor water quality in many parts of the world.

Poor sanitation will almost always lead to serious diseases throughout a population, and improper sewage waste disposal lead to countless diseases well into the 20th century.

What’s so devastating about water-borne illnesses is that they played a significant role in shortening life expectancies for centuries!

Dr. John Snow, A Pioneer In Public Health Research

No one would believe Dr. John Snow’s theory that cholera outbreaks were directly connected to a community’s water supply, and his research and investigations have helped save countless lives over the last 150+ years.

He discovered that cholera outbreaks were directly tied to water source contaminations, and the U.S. Centers For Disease Control still utilize his research approaches to discover the causes of diseases throughout the world today!

Sanitation Improvements

The 19th and 20th centuries lead to all sorts of regulations and technological advancements oriented around improving household and municipal sanitation.

The National Public Health Act back in 1848 changed how we lived our daily lives by improving plumbing standards, and this then developed a worldwide sanitation revolution oriented towards improving the health of the entire human race.

These plumbing advancements that went well into the 20th century ended up playing a significant role in doubling the average life expectancy of Americans, and this was largely due to eliminating the spread of water-borne illnesses.

Closed Sewers

The invention of the modern-day toilet and the implementation of closed sewer systems expanded the plumbing improvements that supported growth in many different countries. More nations took on the wisdom of Dr. Snow and started taking sanitation as seriously as possible, which lead to incredible investments in municipal plumbing systems.

As humans started disposing of their waste more responsibly, the overall prevalence of diseases diminished!

The Right To Clean Water

Although we made many incredible steps forward with municipal plumbing systems and plumbing technology, it wasn’t until 2010 that the United Nations finally acknowledged that proper sanitation and clean drinking water is a human right.

International organizations and UN members are now 100% obligated to support one another through financing and capacity building. Although it should have happened many years ago, developed nations are now legally obligated to provide the technology that’s needed for less fortunate nations to obtain clean, safe, affordable and accessible drinking water.

Domestic/personal use water now must be free of chemicals, micro-organisms, radioactive waste and other hazards to reduce health risks across the world. The World Health Organization has established these international standards, and we’re now taking real steps towards a future in which every person has access to adequate plumbing technology.

Lead Pipes

A lot of Americans think that plumbing system issues are problems that only occur in other parts of the world, but the truth is that our country is still dealing with many issues associated with lead pipes. Over 10 million American homes still utilize lead pipes, and this is a serious issue due to inevitable corrosion and subsequent water contamination.

The good news is that plumbing experts like the Beehive Plumbing team can support you and your home through a lead pipe replacement process.

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