Six Easy Steps To Reduce Your Water Usage This Summer!

Water usage is a hot topic here in northern Utah, and here are some easy ways you can save water this summer! Most households throughout northern Utah will consume more water during the summer months as compared to the rest of the year, and there’s a whole variety of reasons why we use more water […]

Water Conservation Tips To Prepare Your Northern Utah Home For Summer!

Follow these water conservation tips to save money and the environment at your northern Utah home this summer! Although everyone in northern Utah is excited about the record-breaking snowfall that occurred this winter, it still doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods in terms of our persistent drought over the last few years. Homeowners throughout […]

Common Causes of High Water Bills & Tips To Reduce Water Usage

High water bills are usually serious plumbing repair warning signs, and here are some tips to help you reduce your household’s water usage! We all need water on a daily basis for so much more than just drinking, because almost every household chore requires it. From bathing, cooking, washing dishes and clothes, to even watering […]