Three Common Reasons Why Your Toilet Is Flushing Slowly

Toilet repairs are always annoying, so here are some of the causes for a slow-flushing toilet that you should know about!

toilet repair is costly!

It’s very common for both residential and commercial plumbing systems to experience issues with toilets, and one of the most common toilet problems is slow flushing.

What’s particularly alarming about slow-flushing toilets is that these toilet repairs many times are an indication of a much more serious issue occurring within your property’s plumbing system. Ignoring this type of issue will likely only make matters worse, and unfortunately slow-flushing toilets are largely disregarded until repair needs are much more costly.

This is exactly why home and business owners throughout Northern Utah need to be vigilant when it comes to all types of plumbing prevention, including with somewhat minor issues like slow-flushing toilets. The Beehive Plumbing team will always be there for you whenever you need us, and we’ll be more than capable of fixing these issues and ensuring that your toilets and entire plumbing system are working at an optimal functionality.

Below we’ll be detailing three of the most common reasons why your toilet may be flushing abnormally slow:

Inadequate Water Supply Within Your Toilet Tank

One of the most common causes associated with slow-flushing toilets is that your toilet’s tank isn’t collecting a high enough water level. Although you may save a little bit on your water bill by having less water within your toilet tank, these savings aren’t worth it when it jeopardizes the overall functionality of your toilet.

You can many times simply lift up the lid to your toilet tank to verify if your water levels are high enough or not. Many toilet tanks will entail a water level indicator that will show you where the water levels should be, and adjusting the fill valve/ballcock will many times bring your water levels back to normal.

However, as simple as this sounds, it’s not a DIY project. Put your trust in experienced plumbing specialists when it comes to making proper adjustments to your toilet tank.

You’re Experiencing A Blockage Within Your Plumbing System

There are also many slow-flushing toilet instances that are rooted in a blockage within your plumbing system, and it’s sometimes a bit surprising in terms of what exactly is causing these line blockages.

Items flushed down the toilet many years ago could be the culprit for this type of toilet malfunctioning, and this type of plumbing repair will likely require a snake to go deep down within your pipes and get to the root of the issue.

There are also some instances in which the Beehive Plumbing team will utilize our state-of-the-art pipe inspection camera technology to get an actual glimpse into what is causing the blockage within your pipes.

Sediment Buildup Within Your Water Line

Another common cause for slow-flushing toilets is sediment buildup within your toilet’s water line. This cause is likely going to be the source of your slow-flushing toilet after ruling out the above two common causes.

When sediment buildup is serious, it can lead to inefficient water flow throughout your entire property. This will require professional drain cleaning or replacement if the buildup is irreparable.

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