Tips To Avoid Drain Clogs And Professional Drain Cleaning Appointments!

Although drain cleaning appointments are largely necessary with time, there’s a lot that you can do to avoid these types of plumbing problems!

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Most homes have drainage systems that are completely hidden, which often leads to northern Utah homeowners overestimating the overall capabilities of their residential plumbing system.

Although a lot of people maintain an out of sight, out of mind mentality when it comes to things like drain cleaning, this is the type of approach that can lead to very significant plumbing repairs.

All of us at Beehive Plumbing want to protect your home’s plumbing system at all costs and we’ll always be there when you need us, but it’s important to understand how a lot of this daily upkeep is on you. Below we’ll be detailing some crucial tips to help you avoid drain clogs and professional drain cleaning appointments altogether!

Common Household Products That Simply Can Never Go Down Your Drains!

There are all sorts of household products that should never go down your drains, and the following are some of the most common products that cause clogs:

Grease, Oils & Fats

We all create a lot of by-product material from cooking on a daily basis, and although these by-products may seem harmless, they’re actually extremely detrimental to plumbing systems and drains. This is because substances like grease, oil, and fat will congeal and solidify deep within your drains—which can ultimately cause a blockage.

That’s why you should always take the extra precautionary steps to safely dispose of all cooking by-products.

Coffee Grounds

Because coffee grounds are so fine, they can clump together and accumulate within pipes. That’s why you should either throw your coffee grounds in the trash, or compost them.


Eggshells frequently break down into tiny pieces, which can be problematic within your home’s pipes. And although some people claim that eggshells can actually be beneficial for garbage disposals, this is a plumbing myth that should generally be neglected.

It’s best to throw your eggshells in the garbage, instead of putting them down your drains!

Rice & Pasta

Starchy foods that easily absorb water are also detrimental to plumbing systems, because they can potentially expand within your pipes and create an obstruction that’s hard to eliminate.

Is Vinegar Or Bleach Good For Drains?

It’s crucial for homeowners to thoroughly weigh out their pros and cons when considering vinegar or bleach for drain maintenance. Although bleach is great at killing mold and bacteria, it can also damage your pipes and be bad for your local ecosystem.

Vinegar is a much milder option for drain cleaning, and this is partly because it’s eco-friendly and will be capable of breaking down certain drain blockages. So although it might not be as strong as bleach, vinegar is safer for your plumbing system.

Tips To Keep Clean Drains & Avoid Drain Cleaning Appointments

Our drain cleaning specialists are always here for you and your plumbing system, but we also want to help you avoid these types of appointments if possible. Below are some practical tips to keep in mind when you’re trying to maintain clean drains and ensure that they’re less prone to clogging:

Use Drain Screens

Drain screens are very useful tools that make it easy to stop food particles, hair, and all sorts of household debris from entering your plumbing system. Preventing waste is necessary when it comes to drain upkeep, but this is sometimes easier said than done.

Drain screens help reduce the overall need for drain cleaning services, so they’re an affordable investment that can potentially help you save a lot in plumbing repairs!

Proper Waste Disposal

As mentioned above, it’s absolutely critical to avoid putting food scraps down in your sink. This is because food particles of all types can create drain issues.

A lot of homes in northern Utah have started composting their biodegradable food waste, which is great for the environment and helps prevent unnecessary drain buildup!

Regularly Using Hot Water

It’s also a good idea to consider running hot water down your home’s drains on a consistent basis. This may seem pretty simple, but hot water can actually help flush away troublesome debris before it accumulates.

Just be sure to not pour boiling water down you drains, because this can actually damage them!

Conducting Plumbing Inspections

Professional plumbing inspections are necessary on a periodic basis for every home in northern Utah, because getting professional assistance can help you spot troublesome warning signs that could lead to serious issues later on.

Early detection is crucial for drain cleaning issues and repairs, and our Master Plumbers can help you address certain defects before they escalate.

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