Tips To Prepare Your Residential Plumbing System For A Newborn Baby!

It’s always exciting when a family has a special addition to a household, but did you know newborns often require certain plumbing adjustments?

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It’s always an incredibly blessed moment when a couple brings a newborn baby into the world, but of course every couple knows that the birth of a child requires a ton of preparations. However, some people don’t realize just how many changes may be required for a residential plumbing system when it comes to accommodating a newborn baby.

It’s true that your new baby’s comfort and safety will have a direct connection to your property’s plumbing system, and below we’ll be detailing a handful of tips to help you better prepare your plumbing system for a newborn:

Locating & Addressing All Leaks

A good first step when it comes to preparing your plumbing system for a newborn is simply going around your home and making sure you aren’t experiencing any plumbing leaks. The reason why leaks are connected to newborns is because they can potentially create unsafe environments, which is largely connected to mold development.

No one wants their newborn to be susceptible to sniffing, sneezing and wheezing due to mold growth, and mold exposure can be extremely detrimental to a newborn’s development.

So the best way to avoid mold development in your home before your newborn arrives is to address all plumbing leaks found throughout your property. And if you already know you have a mold problem, then you’ll need to get it professionally remediated!

Installing A Water Softener

A lot of households in Northern Utah have hard water, and this is the type of plumbing issue that you should always address as you’re preparing for your newborn’s arrival.

Hard water is extremely detrimental for anyone’s skin and hair, and this is exacerbated with newborns. Hard water can even contribute to a newborn’s development of eczema, or abnormally itchy, dry skin.

Hard water also makes all sorts of household cleaning and chores a lot more difficult than they truly ought to be. Installing a water softener at your home will be beneficial for your newborn in a variety of ways, and it’s something that’s typically necessary here in Northern Utah.

Adjusting Your Water Heater’s Temperature Settings

It’s always important to remember that newborns have extremely tender skin, which means it’s usually safest to turn down water heater temperatures to ensure the safety of your hot water.

This usually means that your water heater temperature should be below 110 degrees, because this will prevent freezing in the winter and potentially scalding your baby’s skin during bath time!

Investing In A Diaper Sprayer

Every parent knows all too well just how many disposable diapers they can go through during the course of a day, and just how expensive disposable diapers can be on a household’s budget.

This is why many eco-conscious households are choosing cloth diapers for newborns, and if you’re considering cloth diapers, you should know that you’re going to need to do a ton of diaper washing and drying. But of course you can’t simply put a dirty cloth diaper in your washing machine without it being thoroughly rinsed, but the good news is that diaper sprayers are growing in popularity and are helping countless parents when it comes to sanitary diaper cleaning.

Diaper sprayers are typically installed within your toilet’s plumbing construction, and they do a great job at making diaper cleaning quick and easy.

Cleaning Out Water Lines With Sediment Buildup

No one in Northern Utah is immune to sediment buildup within their plumbing system, and this type of sediment can potentially be unhygienic and even detrimental to a newborn’s health.

One way to avoid sediment buildup at your house is to invest in a whole-house water filtration system, which ensures that every single drop of water within your home is thoroughly filtered. Proper water filtering does a lot more than protecting your drinking water, because it makes doing laundry easier and promotes healthier skin.

Baby-Proofing Your Plumbing Appliances & Products

Every parents knows that baby-proofing a home is incredibly important, but you’re going to need to baby-proof a lot more than just your kitchen and bathroom drawers where you keep chemical cleaning products.

Curious babies can even crawl into a toilet, which is something that should always be avoided. This is why toilet lid locks, silicone faucet covers, cupboard locks and outlet covers are all important when baby-proofing a home.

Comprehensive Plumbing Inspections

It’s also a good idea to simply get your entire property inspected by a plumbing specialist, and our experts will always be there for you when your home needs a thorough inspection.

Plumbing inspections will let you know when certain parts of your system need to be repaired or replaced, and regular maintenance checkups can help you avoid costly issues when your family is on a tight budget.

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