Troubleshooting Tips For Flush Valve Repairs

Both our residential and commercial plumbing clients regularly need flush valve repairs, so here are some tips to keep in mind!

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Toilet repairs are common amongst residential homeowners throughout Northern Utah, and the Beehive Plumbing team also supports many businesses in the region with our commercial toilet repair services.

One common issue that many bathrooms experience is flush valve repairs, and below we’ll be going over several troubleshooting tips that property owners and building managers should keep in mind when it comes to these all too frequent plumbing issues!

1. Flush Length Isn’t Long Enough

If you’re noticing that the length of your toilet or urinal’s flush is much too short, then there are several issues that could be happening.

The first one is that you’re experiencing a damaged or worn out diaphragm assembly. The second is that you have a damaged handle assembly. If these are your problems, then our specialists will rather easily be able to support you with replacement parts.

We’ll be sure that your toilet is flushing with the correct flush volume, and we’ll make sure that your repairs and replacement costs are coinciding with your unique budget.

2. Flush Length Is Too Long

One of the most common causes for this issue is a clogged by-pass orifice within your toilet’s diaphragm. This type of repair will consist of removing the entire diaphragm assembly, and then disassembling the filter rings prior to giving the diaphragm a thorough rinsing. If cleansing doesn’t do the trick, then you’ll likely need a new diaphragm assembly.

This issue could also be due to a damaged relief valve, and if this is the case then you’ll likely need replacement parts.

3. No Flush At All From Your Flush Valve

There are instances in which a flush valve will be entirely malfunctioning and not flush at all, and this is sometimes caused by the main valve supply or control stop being closed. It’s also possible that long periods of wear and tear have worn out your handle assembly, which would require a replacement assembly. Your relief valve can also get worn out over time and simply need replacing as well.

4. Splashing Water

There’s no denying that it can be unsanitary when water consistently splashes out of your toilet upon each flush, and there are two typical causes of this issue.

The first one is that your control stop is too wide open, and the other one is you could have the wrong diaphragm assembly based upon your valve type. You should always check your diaphragm assembly’s labels to see what your correct flush volume should be, and then make sure that your toilet’s parts match that volume.

5. Insufficient Flushing

A lot of toilets and urinals will experience insufficient flushing where you’re not getting enough water into your fixture to perform an adequate flush. The first thing you should check in this situation is your control stop, because it’s possible that it’s not opened up wide enough. It’s also possible that you don’t have the proper parts kit installed, especially if you’re having trouble with a urinal.

It’s also possible that you’re experiencing insufficient pressure from your property’s water supply. Our team of specialists will make sure that we’re going over all of the necessary tests to ensure that your home or business’ water pressure is where it should be.

6. Loud Noises During Shutoffs

If you’re hearing a chattering sound from inside your flush valve during each flush, then it’s possible that your relief valve, diaphragm assembly or inside cover have become damaged. This issue will many times require a replacement part or two.

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