Warning Signs That Your Home Needs A Water Softener!

Hard water is a serious problem throughout Northern Utah, so here are some warning signs that indicate that your household needs a water softener!

Water Softener Installation in a basement room helping a residential plumbing system

Hard water poses many issues both on people and within residential plumbing systems, and Northern Utah just so happens to be one of the worst areas in the United States when it comes to municipal hard water.

Water softeners are innovative plumbing appliances that eradicate magnesium and calcium ions from a home’s water supply, and these tools help boost the overall longevity of your water heater and other plumbing appliances throughout your property like your dishwasher and water heater. Water softeners are also known to support people’s efforts in avoiding itchy skin and brittle hair, amongst many other unwanted physical changes.

Below we’ll be going over some of the most common warning signs of hard water that you should be on the lookout for!

1. Noticeable Scale Buildup On Your Home’s Appliances

If you can visibly see scale buildup on your dishes and plumbing appliances, then you more than likely are suffering from hard water. These types of mineral deposits aren’t only unsightly, but they can also make your entire plumbing system less efficient through frequent clogs.

Scale is the abbreviation for limescale, and it’s a chalky material that’s created via the fusing of magnesium bicarbonate and calcium within municipal water supplies. A water softener can reduce your scale buildup via its state-of-the-art ion exchange technology, so you won’t need to worry about your dishwasher not doing enough cleaning with each load!

2. Your Hair And Skin Are Consistently Too Dry

Hard water is known for making people experience dry, itchy hair and skin due to the excess supply of harmful salts within your water supply. Although shampoo and soap can help reduce this itchiness, these hygiene products can only do so much!

When you have hard water, your showering will only dry out your skin more because the water’s minerals will settle into your hair and skin and not fully dissolve. This subsequently creates an itchy, irritating residue on people’s skin that makes their skin feel rough and dry.

3. Your Clothes Get Faded And Gray Rather Quickly

Bed sheets and clothes are many times the victims of hard water, and this is because hard water can make these fabrics fade and wear down. It’s likely that your clothes will also feel scratchy even after being washed because of the mineral substances within your plumbing system.

Hard water is known for increasing grayness on all clothing, and there’s little a homeowner can do to avoid these apparel issues without doing something about their water supply. That’s why investing in a high-quality water softener can also improve your laundry quality and efficiency!

4. Bathtub & Sink Stains

Mineral residue stains left anywhere throughout your home are common signs of hard water, and these types of stains will frequently be noticed in bathtubs and sinks that you use on a daily basis.

There may be some DIY home remedies that can temporarily alleviate these types of stains, but you’ll never truly eliminate your risks of mineral residue staining without investing in a water softener.

5. You’re Consistently Needing Plumbing Repairs

Although needing plumbing repairs every now and again is perfectly normal, it’s a much more troubling warning sign when you’re calling professional plumbers on a weekly/monthly basis.

Our plumbing experts will always be more than happy to conduct thorough diagnostic tests for your entire plumbing system to get to the bottom of your specific repair needs, and these types of hard water issues sometimes require cutting-edge technology like hydro jetting to essentially hit the reset button on your clogging and overall limescale buildup.

Hard water will inevitably pose all sorts of issues on your home’s appliances and pipes, and the best way to treat these issues is through prevention. Our team will help you prevent plumbing repairs by setting your household up with a water softener system that’ll protect your entire system from future harm.

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