Water Heater Replacement Warning Signs That Everyone Goes Through!

It’s always tough when you need a water heater replacement, and here are some warning signs to help you prepare for these plumbing repairs!

A technician performing water heater replacement

There are many instances in which water heater issues are simply the result of overuse; however, there are other scenarios in which water heater malfunctions are actually a sign that you may need a water heater replacement from experienced plumbing specialists.

It’s important for Northern Utah home and business owners to remember that water heaters can potentially be dangerous, which is why water heater repairs and inspections should never be a DIY project. Below we’ll be going over some of the warning signs that you should be on the lookout for that’ll help you better know when it’s time to reach out to our Master Plumbers!

1. Knocking or Tapping Sounds

If your water heater is persistently making loud knocking or tapping sounds, then there’s a high likelihood that you’re experiencing sediment buildup within your unit. Sediment buildup is a very serious water heater issue because if neglected it can lead to tiny tears in the tank, which can then lead to serious leaks and the end of your valuable appliance.

The good news is that there are plenty of chances to save your water heater when you drain it in time and have experts conduct necessary repairs, and these types of sediment buildup repairs tend to be inexpensive.

2. You’re Not Getting Enough Hot Water To Meet Your Needs

If your household is going through a showering schedule just so you can ensure there will be enough hot water for everyone, then it’s a sign that your current water heater simply isn’t big or strong enough to meet your needs. A lot of growing families experience this type of issue, and simply upgrading to a larger unit will provide you with the hot water supply that your household requires.

You can also consider upgrading to a tankless water heater, which essentially provides a limitless supply of hot water to your home and saves you money on your monthly utility bills!

3. Inadvertent Water Temperature Fluctuations

The temperature of your water should remain consistent with where you keep your unit’s thermostat at, but of course there are scenarios when a water heater’s thermostat begins to malfunction. This will generally result in sharp fluctuations in your property’s water temperature, which can be startling when you’re in the middle of a hot shower!

Although there are plenty of times when a simple heating element or thermostat repair will do the trick, it’s also possible that your unit is experiencing other compounding problems on top of thermostat issues and requires a replacement.

4. Water Heater Leaks

If your water heater is leaking, then it’ll undoubtedly require professional attention as soon as possible. The best case scenario in this type of situation is that your connectors or screws have just become too loose, but of course these types of leaks can also indicate much more serious issues.

If you’re experiencing active leaking and puddle development near your water heater, then it’s time to call in our specialists to determine what the source of your leak is and whether or not your unit is salvageable.

5. Foul-Smelling or Cloudy Water

If your water is beginning to look dirty or smell like rotten eggs, then it can make just about every household chore extremely uncomfortable. This type of water heater issue is likely caused by bacteria and rust development, and it’s a very serious plumbing problem that always requires professional attention.

Our plumbing specialists will help you determine where your cloudy water is coming from, and if it’s an indication that you need a new water heater unit.

6. Your Water Heater Is Over 15 Years Old

Water heaters aren’t meant to last forever, and a lot of units can only last around 10-15 years if they aren’t taken care of properly via preventative maintenance checkups on a yearly basis.

The good news is that today’s water heater units are incredibly energy efficient and durable, which means that your new upgrade will provide a lot of benefits and a good ROI.

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