What A Pipe Inspection Camera Can And Cannot Detect

Understanding what a pipe inspection camera can do, and can’t do, will go a long way in determining how your plumbing repairs should be resolved.

A pipe inspection camera is a very useful tool that Beehive Plumbing uses throughout Northern Utah for sewer line repairs

A pipe inspection camera is a very useful tool that helps provide a comprehensive view of sewer pipe damages, and before this innovative technology many plumbing companies would need to dig trenches and excavate pipes to see just what was going on!

All of your serious plumbing repairs will be much more precise and accurate through the use of these video images, and our Master Plumbers will always be willing to show home and business owners the video feed so you can get a firsthand look as to what exactly is causing your issues.

But the truth is that pipe inspection cameras can’t identify every single issue that’s occurring within your pipes, and it’s important for everyone to understand the ingenious capabilities and the limitations associated with this type of plumbing technology.

So below are some sewer line repairs that pipe inspection cameras can and cannot detect, but first let’s go over the fundamentals as to how these cameras actually work!

How Exactly Do Pipe Inspection Cameras Work?

The overall process of utilizing a pipe inspection camera is pretty simple, and it involves a very small camera that’s mounted to a long cable. This camera and cable are introduced within your property’s pipes, and then slowly but surely the camera will travel through your piping system while recording video images of your pipe’s interior.

Our team of experts will always be thoroughly examining this video feed while the camera travels through your pipes via a monitor, and this process will always go a very long way in helping us properly identify what’s occurring within your pipes and where exactly the problem is originating from!

What Pipe Inspection Cameras Are Capable Of Identifying

The following are some of the common plumbing repair necessities that pipe inspection cameras can detect:

  • Locating Your Sewer Lines: One really great feature of our pipe inspection cameras is that they utilize location devices that help us better understand where a property’s sewer lines are located from above ground. This type of signal helps us out tremendously when it comes to exactly pinpointing the location of a plumbing issue.
  • Blockages and Slow Drainage: Your property’s sewage will leave the parameters of your property via gravitational forces, but of course there are countless scenarios that can lead to blockages within your sewer line that result in slower or even backed up pipes. Pipe inspection cameras are great tools when it comes to properly identifying the root source of any type of blockage, which will always go a long way in terms of efficiently helping home and business owners obtain their proper plumbing solutions.
  • System Materials And Type: A lot of property owners don’t fully understand what type of sewer system they have, and this is mainly because their pipes are all underground. A pipe inspection camera will always help to properly identify what type of pipes you have, and this can be a fundamental step towards diagnosing all sorts of potential issues.
  • Connections And Overall Structure: A pipe inspection camera will always be very beneficial when it comes to helping our plumbing experts to properly see many types of connections and fittings within your pipes. This benefit helps us to better understand which direction your property’s water and sewage is flowing.

What Pipe Inspection Cameras Cannot Always Identify

It’s important for home and business owners to understand that there are some situations that pipe inspection cameras can’t always fully mitigate/diagnose, and one of those problems just so happens to be pretty common: pipe leak location identification.

Some of the reasons why these innovative cameras can’t always identify the location of a leaking pipe include the following:

  • Leaks entail water coming out of a specific pipe, and cameras are inside a pipe. This can make it sometimes difficult to properly identify where the leak is actually taking place.
  • Pipe leaks can entail all sorts of subsequent factors, like clogs/blockages, collapses, tree root invasion and all sorts of buildup. Our team will always be closely examining the monitor to decipher what exactly is occurring within your pipes, but the more subtle leaks can still be somewhat difficult to pinpoint even with this cutting-edge plumbing technology.
  • Cast-iron and PVC pipes are typically really thick, so small holes and cracks can be hard to pinpoint in these types of pipes due to overall pipe thickness.

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