What Are The Different Types of Urinals?

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Urinals are very common in all public bathrooms because of their overall functionality and size. Just about any bathroom wall can feature a urinal because of they don’t take up much space, and more men can be accommodated all at once and help alleviate wait times.

Beehive Plumbing offers comprehensive urinal services all throughout Northern Utah for businesses and even residential homes, and we understand how many people prefer the unique benefits of urinals that they can’t get with conventional toilets.

Many urinal shoppers get a bit confused when they start to realize how many options are actually available to them, which is why we’ve created this blog detailing the differences between the most common types of urinals that are found throughout Northern Utah. This buying guide will help you better understand what you need to know when you’re trying to weigh out your best urinal options!

Different Types of Urinals

Most public bathrooms must provide certain types of amenities, and it’s common for public buildings to provide men with installed urinals. Most people don’t realize it, but there actually are several different types of urinals available to commercial building managers.

Some of the most common types of urinals in today’s marketplace include the following:

Sensor-Powered Urinals

This is the type of urinal that’s commonly found in airports and shopping malls for many good reasons. One of these reasons is that many people are in a rush when they’re in these types of public spaces and prefer to have all sorts of conveniences, and many people feel more comfortable from a health standpoint when they don’t have to physically touch a urinal flush valve.

Sensor-powered urinals are easily distinguishable by their flashing/blinking sensors that detect user activity, and how they automatically flush once the unit determines the user is no longer occupying the fixture.

Squatter Urinals

Although urinals are conventionally considered for men, there are certain types of urinals that are meant for women. Squatter urinals are essentially a part of a bathroom’s floor, and they make it easier for women to pee without having to touch any actual surfaces. These urinals are also specifically designed to ensure that there is no splashing when a woman is in a full squat position.

These types of feminine urinals are typically found in public places like universities, schools, shopping malls, night clubs, stadiums and public transportation depots.

Waterless Urinals

One of the most eco-friendly innovations throughout the entire commercial plumbing industry is the invention of the waterless urinal. The main goal of these urinals is of course to conserve water, and they’re also just as good as any other urinals when it comes to flushing odors.

Corner Urinals

These urinals are meant to help building managers conserve space by installing the urinal against the corner of a bathroom’s walls. So this type of urinal is essentially a flatback urinal that’s specifically intended for corners.

Shopping Factors To Keep In Mind When You’re In The Market For Urinals

No matter what your intended purposes are for your new urinals, you’re going to need to keep a handful of important shopping factors in mind to ensure that you’re getting the very best investment. The following are some urinal shopping factors to take into consideration:

  • You should always thoroughly assess your bathroom space so you can better understand what will actually fit. There’s no point in wasting your time on shopping for urinals that simply won’t fit within your bathroom.
  • Efficiency and eco-friendly features will many times raise the up-front costs of your urinals, but you’ll always end up saving money in the long run.
  • Sensor flushes and other handless technology will make your bathroom a much more hygienic place, which people will appreciate. These types of urinals will also help you ensure that your bathroom remains clean, which is important when it comes to how much work your cleaning personnel may need to do.
  • Urinals are always available in various sizes, styles and even shapes. So if there are specific aesthetics that you’re looking for, the Beehive team will help you source it.

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