What Causes Toilet Gurgling?

Toilet gurgling is a serious warning sign for toilet repairs, and below we’re going over the causes and potential fixes for these strange bathroom sounds!

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When toilets flush normally, it’s a sign that your residential plumbingsystem is in good condition; however, toilet gurgling sounds are a serious cause for concern. Whenever you hear any gurgling sounds coming from your toilet, it means there’s an underlying issue deep within your plumbing system.

Below we’ll be delving deeper into what causes toilet gurgling, and how our Master Plumbers can help you fix these all-too-common plumbing problems!

What Causes Toilet Gurgling?

Drain blockages tend to be the most common cause of toilet gurgling sounds, so in essence, toilet gurgling is a warning sign for toilet clogs and other toilet repairs. These types of clogs are often caused by products that simply weren’t supposed to be flushed, and when these products get lodged into pipes they often accumulate debris until water flow is effectively blocked (which then creates the gurgling).

Below are some other causes for toilet gurgling:

Pressurized Toilet Pipes

Water pressure can often be related to toilet gurgling sounds, because abnormally high water pressure can create these sounds. These pressure issues are always exacerbated by pipe clogs, because it’ll create a suction-like effect that causes air to escape irregularly.

Your Toilet Is Outdated/Old

Low-flow toilets were all the rage back in the 90s, and these models often have flush inefficiency issues. If your toilet is older than 20-30 years, it’s possible that it’s experiencing gurgling sounds due to a lack of upkeep or maintenance. Sometimes the best thing to do in this scenario is invest in a toilet replacement.

Clogged Toilet Trap

Your toilet’s trap is the device that keeps sewer odors and gasses out of your home, and your toilet trap is supposed to be free of any debris. Of course products like sanitary napkins, disposable tissues and dental floss often are found in clogged toilet traps.

These types of clogs will typically lead to a pretty serious backup that a plunger won’t be capable of fixing, so you’ll need the help of our Master Plumbers when you’re experiencing toilet trap clogs.

You Need A Sewer Line Repair

Sometimes you may be in need of a sewer line repair when you’re experiencing toilet gurgling but your toilet is functioning perfectly fine. It’s possible that your sewer line has corroded, or debris has significantly built up within it and created a severe blockage.

All sewer line blockages will result in serious plumbing issues, so it’s important to get these symptoms checked out right away!

You’re Using The Wrong Type of Toilet Paper

Most people hold the general assumption that toilet paper will always break down easily when it’s flushed, but it actually depends upon the brand of toilet paper you’re using in certain scenarios.

A lot of fancy toilet paper products seem really nice, but they actually contain all sorts of materials that don’t easily decompose. This then can lead to toilet gurgling sounds, because TP accumulation could be occurring deep within your pipes!

Filled Up Toilet Bowl

Whenever your toilet bowl is clogged up, you’ll simply need to manually take out the materials that are causing the clog. So this luckily can be a pretty easy DIY repair, but just be sure everything looks fine afterwards and to call our plumbers if the gurgling sounds persist.

Blocked Toilet Drain

Toilet drain blockages can sometimes be easily fixed, but other times it requires extensive plumbing technology. If you can remove any visible blockages like toilet paper or hair strands, then give that a shot and see if it fixes the gurgling.

If you still hear gurgling after plunging and other easy repair techniques, it means that your blockage is much deeper within your drain and needs professional attention.

Damaged Toilet Tank

Toilet tanks can actually start to malfunction after long periods of time and overall wear and tear, and this then can lead to gurgling sounds. Our plumbing specialists will let you know when a toilet tank repair is possible, or when it makes more sense for you to invest in a tank replacement.

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