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What Is A Pipe Lining?

Pipe lining is an intricate restoration process that helps Northern Utah households save a ton on their most complex plumbing problems!

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Pipe lining is a comprehensive plumbing strategy that helps restore cracks, leaks and corrosion found within a property’s pipes. It’s become the new industry standard all throughout Northern Utah, and our Master Plumbers are experienced specialists in this all-important procedure.

Pipe lining entails a four-step repair process, and the end product is essentially new piping material found within your existing pipe. There’s absolutely no denying that pipe lining is a much more cost-effective approach as compared to its alternative of pipe replacement, and countless homes and businesses throughout the Salt Lake City Metro Area have turned to us when their pipes are experiencing serious issues.

Our experts will ensure that your pipe lining services help increase the overall longevity of your piping system by preserving your property’s plumbing structures and landscaping. Below we’ll be going over what you need to know about pipe lining!

Common Types of Pipe Failures That Require Pipe Lining

Although there are many scenarios that will lead to serious piping issues, tree root infiltration and pipe corrosion are two very common failures that end up requiring comprehensive pipe lining services.

A lot of people ask us about how cast iron pipes can possibly corrode, and the truth is that this type of corrosion all comes down to basic chemistry. Elements like metal, oxygen, water and other minerals can potentially lead to pipe deterioration via scale buildup. The chemical reactions responsible for scale buildup will then develop a corrosion mound in which sulphur and chloride minerals will combine with acids to eat away at the pipe’s materials.

A lot of municipal water supplies contain high concentrations of chlorine, which isn’t the best for your pipes. And when it comes to trees, root systems will inevitably gravitate towards water supplies. This can sometimes mean tiny cracks in your pipes, which of course get worse as root systems infiltrate them!

Steps of The Pipe Lining Process

The very first thing you’ll need to do when you need pipe lining services is get thorough drain cleaning completed. Our experts can help you with several different types of drain cleaning, including drain snakes and hydro jetting. This step is very important because it’ll better ensure that the liner technology will be capable of properly adhering to your existing pipe.

Once your pipe has been thoroughly cleaned, our experts will saturate the liner material with a state-of-the-art epoxy material. We’ll then cut the outside of the liner to better ensure it’s adhesiveness, and to guarantee that no water will be able to get between your existing pipe and new liner.

Once the liner is in the proper positioning, an interior rubber bladder will be expanded to ensure that the epoxy has time to cure. This will help you know that your new pipe is fully safe and solidified.

Once the liner has properly hardened, the rubber bladder will deflate. This will then make it easier for us to remove the bladder and excess materials, which then leaves behind a finished, new pipe product.

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Pipe lining is such an innovative plumbing procedure because it fully repairs a pipe that has become susceptible many different failures, and all of us at Beehive Plumbing understand just how important these repairs are for countless homes and businesses.

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