What Is The Typical Cost For A Toilet Repair?

Understanding toilet repair costs will help you better budget out your next plumbing projects!

toilet repairs due to flushable wipes

The average costs for a toilet repair is $250 when the toilet is broken or malfunctioning in a serious way, and this price average means that these repairs will typically range from $148-$359.

There are some instances in which a plumbing team will charge a flat rate for a toilet repair, but it’s also highly likely that a plumber will charge anywhere from $50-200 per hour for these types of services. These hourly rates will largely depend upon location, and in Northern Utah the average hourly rate for a plumber is anywhere between $75-$200.

Below is a breakdown that’ll help you better understand the costs associated with common toilet repairs:

Average Prices For Replacement or Repaired Toilet Parts

The vast majority of toilet repairs will require some replacement parts, and these equipment costs will often be added into a flat or hourly rate. This is one of the reasons why plumbers will charge at least 1-2 hours per job, because these rates will help cover overhead costs.

Some common toilet repair issues people experience in Northern Utah include the following (with equipment prices):

  • Leaky flapper ($50-$150)
  • Broken chain
  • Broken handle
  • Leaky shutoff valve
  • Broken bowl ($70-$100)
  • Faulty flush valve
  • Broken tank ($50-$100)
  • Faulty wax ring ($50-$200)

Costs Associated With Unclogging A Toilet

Toilet unclogging projects can range anywhere from $85-$600, depending upon the overall extent of the clog.

Basic cleanouts will only cost around $80-$150, but serious clogs may require more sophisticated drain cleaning technology that increases the average costs to $150-$300. And the very worst clogs will sometimes require all sorts of techniques and strategies that increase the average costs to $300-$600.

The majority of toilet clogs are rather simple, and this is because a lot of people will neglectfully flush items that shouldn’t go down their toilets. When you can’t use a plunger to at least temporarily alleviate the clog, then it’s a sign that the clog is rather deep within your sewer line and will likely require a snake auger or hydro jetting. In these scenarios, a plumber will either charge per hour or a flat rate depending upon their unique services.

Toilet Replacement Costs

There are certain situations in which a toilet simply needs to be replaced, and the average costs for a new toilet will range anywhere between $200-$500 (including materials and labor). Actual toilet fixtures range in price from $50-$400, and it’s important to remember that labor costs can sometimes be higher when you invest in a higher-end toilet due to things like bidet seats, mounting systems and all sorts of other complexities.

Many homeowners in Northern Utah are also choosing to invest in low-flow and dual-flush toilets to be more eco-friendly and conserve their household’s overall water consumption.

FAQs About Toilet Repairs

The following are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about toilet repairs:

How long will toilet flappers typically last?

The majority of toilet flappers will last around 4-5 years before they’ll need to be replaced, which costs $10 plus labor. A lot of chemical drain cleaners can shorten the lifetime of a toilet flapper, and it’s important to get a new flapper when it begins to deteriorate.

How long do toilets typically last?

Toilets will last around 15-20 years, which is why it’s sometimes easier to simply replace an older toilet as opposed to repairing it. Newer toilets are also much more eco-friendly and will help your home conserve water.

Is it easy to install a new toilet?

It’s always best to leave toilet installations in the hands of experienced professionals. Many DIY toilet installations lead to serious issues like leaks, which end up being the source of water and structural damages throughout a property.

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