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What Pipe Inspection Cameras Can & Cannot Do

Pipe inspection cameras are incredible plumbing tech devices, but they’re not infallible!

A pipe inspection camera is a very useful tool that Beehive Plumbing uses throughout Northern Utah for sewer line repairs

Pipe inspection cameras are very useful and tech-savvy plumbing tools that help the Beehive Team better determine sewer system issues in countless properties throughout Northern Utah.

But it’s important to remember how these helpful cameras do have their own limitations, and below we’ll be going over what pipe inspection cameras can and cannot do to support you and your property’s plumbing system!

What Exactly Can Pipe Inspection Cameras Do?

These innovative plumbing tools are used for all sorts of different applications, including the following:

Locating Sewer Lines

Our pipe inspection cameras are equipped with a detector feature that helps us better understand where the camera is within your piping system. This makes it a lot easier for us to drop the camera into your sewer line and keep track of what it’s seeing, and where it’s seeing it!

Locating Blockages

Pipe blockages often get worse and worse with time, and they can wreak havoc on your entire plumbing system if left neglected for too long. Although other techniques will be needed to ultimately eliminate the blockages you’re experiencing, a pipe inspection camera can locate a blockage and let us know where we need to focus our attention.

Checking Up On Your Plumbing Connections

Every sewer pipe is connected to an intricate array of different fittings and tees that ultimately comprise your system, and connection issues are often the source of sewer line repairs.

What’s great about pipe inspection cameras is that they can verify the integrity of your plumbing connections, and ultimately help you determine whether or not you’re in need of a sewer line replacement.

Identifying Pipe Damages

Damaged pipes can come in many different forms, including collapsed, sagging or cracked pipes.

No matter what type of pipe damage you’re experiencing, it’s something that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. What’s troubling about pipe damages is that it often goes undetected until the property owner recognizes serious plumbing issues, so be sure to have our experts inspect your plumbing system on at least a yearly basis to ensure everything is in working order.

Locating Tree Root Infiltration

Tree root infiltration happens all the time in Northern Utah, and this situation entails a nearby tree root literally burrowing into your home’s pipes and blocking the flow of water. This of course can cause extensive damages to your entire plumbing system.

Pipe inspection cameras are capable of traveling deep within your pipes to ultimately locate exactly where tree root infiltration is occurring, and then other strategies like pipe lining will be used to fully fix the problem.

Detecting Rusty Pipes

When pipes have corroded for long periods of time, they can weaken and end up causing all sorts of serious plumbing problems.

This type of rusting and corrosion is often impossible to detect without the help of pipe inspection cameras.

Finding Lost Items

Small items like rings and jewelry will often get lost within a home’s pipes, and it can be really difficult to retrieve these valuables without the help of a pipe inspection camera.

What Exactly Can Pipe Inspection Cameras NOT Do?

Contrary to popular belief, pipe inspection cameras do have limitations in terms of what they’re capable of doing. Here are some things that pipe inspection cameras aren’t capable of doing:

Locate a Leak

Although this may seem confusing, it’s important to understand how your plumber is going to be the one who actually locates a leak based upon the information the camera relays to him/her.

So the pipe inspection camera itself isn’t quite capable of literally locating a leak within a property’s plumbing system, but of course it can show a plumber where the leak is occurring.

Repair Pipes

Pipe inspection cameras also can’t actually conduct plumbing repairs. These are diagnostic tools that help plumbers understand what’s needed of them, and then other strategies and tools are used for the actual repair work.

Compare Imperfections Within Sewer Lines

Although a pipe inspection camera is perfectly capable of displaying all sorts of imperfections that may be found in a property’s sewer lines, the camera itself doesn’t have the capability of comparing or interpreting these imperfections.

This type of differentiation is what the plumber will analyze.

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