What Qualifications to Look for in a Plumber

Plumbers have a very specific set of skills that they use to make sure that the pipes and water-related appliances in your home are working properly at all times. Without any knowledge of plumbing (which is the case for most homeowners) it can be hard to know what to look for when you’re planning to hire a plumber. Here is a quick overview of the qualifications that often indicate the best plumbers in Utah.


In most states (Utah is one of them), plumbing contractors are required to have a license in order to operate. Without this license, you could be dealing with a rogue plumber that has little or no training, or who is doing other things that are considered bad business practice. Licensure requires that a plumber pass an exam covering things like trade knowledge, business practices, and project supervision. Checking for a license is often the first qualification to look for that will indicate a quality plumber.


Plumbing contractors should also carry liability insurance, and worker’s compensation if they employ several others during the plumbing job. These insurance policies help protect you as a homeowner in case there is damage to the home, or if there are any accidents that result in injury to one of their employees. Without insurance coverage, you could be liable to pay for any damages, repairs, or even medical bills in the case of injury to someone who is working at your home.

Communication Skills

If you’re not an expert in plumbing (and the fact that you are considering hiring a plumber would indicate that you are not), it will be hard for you to follow when a Utah plumber starts using industry lingo that doesn’t mean much to you. It’s also frustrating to hire someone who doesn’t tell you when s/he will be on the job, what to expect, how long the project will take, and other essential information. As you are screening potential plumbers for hire, make sure you get someone with good communication skills that keeps you in the loop during the whole project.


Perhaps the most important qualification you can find is the right experience. If you have water gushing into your basement, you don’t want a plumber who has never fixed a broken pipe before. You also wouldn’t want to hire a plumber who works exclusively on water heater repair to unclog the drain in your bathroom. Ask how long they have been working as a plumber, and about their specific experience in the area where you need help.

If you’re in doubt, you can always ask for references from past customers. A great plumber in Utah should be able to provide you with a list of satisfied customers you can call to talk about their qualifications. Contact Beehive Plumbing today to get an experienced plumber for whatever needs you might have.

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