Why Do Some Toilets Flush Too Slowly?

Slow flushing is just one the many common toilet repairs our Master Plumbers conduct on a regular basis

toilet repair is costly!

We all know that our toilets are one of the most important appliances within our residential and commercial plumbing systems, which is why any malfunctions or warning signs are always a serious cause for concern. One common toilet repair that we support Northern Utah households with is slow or inefficient flushing, and these are particularly unique plumbing repairs because it can either mean that something is wrong with the toilet itself or that you’re experiencing a septic tank problem.

Below we’ll be going over five common reasons why your toilet may be flushing too slowly, and if you notice any of the below warning signs then you should reach out to our Master Plumbers right away!

5 Common Reasons Why Your Toilet Is Flushing Too Slowly

Here are some of the most common causes for toilet repairs oriented around slow flushing:

1. There’s Not Enough Water In Your Toilet’s Tank

A very common reason why a household is experiencing slow toilet flushing is because there’s simply not enough water building up within the toilet’s tank, and this is something that’s rather easy for homeowners to check themselves. When you lift up the tank’s lid, you’ll want to see where the water level is as compared to the tank’s indicated line.

It’s always very important for your toilets to be building up an adequate amount of tank water after each flush, because without enough water your toilet bowl won’t get enough suction for proper flushing.

2. Sediment Buildup Within Your Water Supply

A lot of Utah homes will go a rather long time without getting professional water inspections, so if it’s been awhile for you then there’s a high likelihood that sediment buildup has gotten bad enough to the point that it’s restricting your property’s water flow to your toilets and plumbing appliances.

The big red flag with this issue is when you’re noticing water flow problems with other plumbing fixtures beyond just your toilet.

3. Blockage/Clog Within Your Pipes

Another common reason for weak toilet flushing is a blockage or clogged drain within your home’s pipes. A lot of homes will experience the common issue of flushing things down the toilet that shouldn’t be flushed, which frequently creates serious effects on a property’s pipes. Sometimes these blockages can completely block the overall water flow to a toilet!

A lot of homeowners will utilize DIY drain cleaning methods to alleviate these issues like a plunger or over-the-counter drain cleaner, and this may temporarily fix the problem until it inevitably occurs over and over again. In the end, your best bet is always to reach out to drain cleaning experts who can alleviate the clog for good!

4. Flapper Valve Problems

The next common toilet flushing issue is caused by your toilet’s flapper valve. A flapper valve is the rubber stopper found within the very bottom of your toilet bowl, and this part functions to allow passage between the toilet bowl and tank with each flush.

A lot of people don’t realize this, but flapper valves can weaken over long periods of time. This then leads to your toilet flushes not being as strong as they once were, and the best way to fix this issue is to fully replace your existing flapper valve for a new one.

5. Hard Water Problems

The last common toilet flushing issue we’re going to discuss on this page is related to hard water, and this just so happens to be a very common problem for countless households throughout Northern Utah. When your home has hard water, it means that there’s an excess supply of minerals like magnesium and calcium within your water supply. Over time, these minerals can wreck havoc on your toilets and your entire plumbing system!

Our plumbing specialists will be able to run a few different diagnostic tests to better understand if your home does in fact have hard water, and if it does we can always provide one of our state-of-the-art water softeners that can help you prevent these problems well into the future. By installing a water softener in your home, you’ll get to the source of your hard water issues and reap many different benefits that you otherwise would be missing out on!

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