Why Installing Urinals in Your Business Can Save You Money

Did you know there are regulations regarding how clean your office restroom should be? You need to keep up with these ordinances from the number of toilets to dealing with leaks.

This is why you should start with the restroom if you’re looking to improve your facilities. Specifically, improve the urinals since they are an important part of keeping your establishment clean and risk-free. That’s why in this guide, you’ll learn some benefits of installing a urinal set in your workplace.

Read on and learn more.

1. Reduced Utility Bills

You must remember that a waterless urinal system will not need flushing like normal ones. Due to this, it doesn’t need to use any water whenever it’s used by your employees. Take note, whenever you flush, you’ll use 1-3 gallons of water if you’re using a conventional urinal.

If you want to save a lot in utility bills, you need to install waterless urinal systems. Without wasting this amount of water, your yearly utility bills will decrease by $200 per urinal installed. That’s big savings, especially if you’re a startup business.

2. More Hygienic

When thinking about the superiority of waterless urinal systems over conventional urinals, there are two reasons that you should consider it. The first one is the fact that there’s no flush handle since it doesn’t need water. This means your urinal users won’t need to touch any part of it, meaning they won’t risk exposing themselves to potential microbes.

Also, conventional urinal systems will spray particulates into the air. These come from the urinal itself, meaning that you’ll likely inhale some of your urine particles whenever you flush these toilets. In comparison, a waterless urinal will not have that kind of problem.

Another thing to consider is the fact that moisture is the main reason bacteria thrive. The main reason traditional systems promote microbial growth is due to the water and air moisture. Urine that leaves the body is clean, meaning it won’t make bacteria grow until it comes in contact with air.

3. Less Odor for Urinals

Packing a lot of urinals inside a bathroom can make it smell bad. It’s due to the way traditional systems flush the urine. That’s why the male restroom often has strong odors emanating even when you close the door.

When using a waterless urinal system, the urine will drain into a trap located at the bottom. That helps in preventing it from getting into the air. The result is that you won’t smell any unpleasant odors.

It’s also important to know that some waterless urinal systems have deodorizers. At the same time, these will emit good scents, making a great bathroom atmosphere. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a single urinal or a multitude—waterless systems will have this feature.

Several studies prove this, and all say that waterless systems control odor more than traditional toilets. It’s a great feature for an office setting since it will prevent workers from getting distracted by the smell. It’s especially important for the ones working in cubicles near your restrooms.

4. Easier Maintenance

One of the most beautiful features of waterless urinals is its simplicity. Its design is much better compared to a typical urinal since it has no fine mechanical parts. What this means for your business is that only a few parts can go wrong with it.

It’s a great benefit since these urinal units will have long lifespans ahead of them. With proper care, you won’t need to replace them for at least half a decade. That’s going to help you save a lot of money both in maintenance and replacements for years to come.

5. Saves More Energy

Aside from saving water, waterless urinal systems save energy for the environment. You should take note that it will take a lot of energy to move water from the urinal to the drainage system. With waterless urinal units, you won’t need to deal with water movement, preventing you from expending that energy.

That means you’ll save even more energy bills both in the short and long run. After all, the average monthly bill for establishments in the United States is $654.71. If you want your business to expand and gain more traction, installing a waterless urinal is a good investment.

6. Helps the Environment

To protect our environment, we need to conserve as much freshwater as we can. Everyone should contribute to and prevent the amount of potentially potable water from getting reduced. That way, humans will have more water to use other than for drinking and bathing.

Water urinal systems are the most innovative contribution to these efforts. After all, most people opt for low-flow toilets and showerheads to help conserve freshwater. But with a water urinal, it doesn’t need any water flow.

Lots of places around the world have water shortages due to the increased demand for freshwater. In some parts of the United States, laws prevent households and businesses from using too much water by regulating their usage. With a waterless urinal, you can save a hundred gallons of water each year.

It also raises employee morale since they feel good, knowing that they’re contributing to the environment in their way. If your customers use your bathrooms, they’ll feel like they chose well, supporting an eco-friendly business.

Get a Waterless Urinal System Today!

When picking new urinals for your business, you need to think about a waterless system. Its benefits are great for your business since it makes your premises more hygienic. It improves your employee morale since it gets rid of undesirable odors.

Most of all, it helps you save money since it reduces your energy bills. With that, there are no drawbacks when investing in a waterless urinal system.

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