9 Things To Remember About Improper Garbage Disposal Usage!

Countless sink plumbing repairs are connected to improper garbage disposal usage, so here are some tips to remember! We all know about the inherent dangers associated with the sharp blades of our garbage disposals, but a lot of us also wrongly think that our garbage disposals are all but indestructible. The truth is that a […]

Checklist For What Can & Cannot Go Down Garbage Disposals

A lot of people are confused about what can and cannot go down garbage disposals, so we’re settling the debate once and for all We all know and love our garbage disposals for the incredible kitchen appliances they are, but it’s incredibly important to always remember that your garbage disposal isn’t invincible. Putting all sorts […]

Tips To Help Cool Down Your Home’s Tap Water

No one likes getting warm tap water this time of year, so here are some tips to help make your tap water colder! It’s always a frustrating experience when warm water comes from your sink’s cold tap, and a lot of people will simply keep running their tap as long as possible to hopefully see […]

Can Coffee Grounds Go Down The Sink? Our Sink Plumbing Repair Specialists Weigh In!

Sink plumbing repairs are often rooted in plumbing errors, like putting coffee grounds down the sink! When it comes to sink plumbing repair, our team often hears questions oriented around coffee grounds going down the sink. The quick and easy answer is NO, coffee grounds should never be improperly discarded within your home’s plumbing system. […]