What Exactly Is A P-Trap, And How Does It Work?

P-Traps are important residential plumbing elements that you should know about! Plumbing traps are often also referred to as p-traps for short, and they’re incredibly important parts of residential plumbing systems everywhere. P-traps are typically PVC or metal pipes that curve underneath your drains, so you’ve likely seen these pipes underneath your sinks but weren’t […]

FAQs About Sink Plumbing Repairs

Sink plumbing repairs can be pretty confusing, so we’re answering some FAQs that you may have! Many homes in Northern Utah have very well-designed kitchens that provide efficiency and conveniences for cooking and preparing food without any hassles. Of course, there are also many problems that occur in kitchens everywhere, and sink plumbing repairs just […]

Learning The Plumbing Parts Of Your Sink From Sink Plumbing Repair Specialists

The Beehive Plumbing team is here to help you better understand the fundamentals of sink plumbing repairs! One of the things that we’ve learned as Master Plumbers in Northern Utah is that not enough home and business owners know how their property’s plumbing system functions, and the truth is that your plumbing is undoubtedly a […]

7 Common Causes For Sink Plumbing Repairs And Leaks

Beehive Plumbing handles all types of sink plumbing repairs, but it’s also important for Utah homeowners to know what causes these types of issues! Every household understands just how much they utilize their kitchen sink for a whole variety of purposes, and the overall usage of kitchen sinks is partly why sink plumbing repairs are […]